It is good to be sure that you and your loved ones will receive financial support when it is most needed, for example, in the event of a disaster. Life is quiet, when the family's financial security is taken care of. It is glad to know that you will be able to implement your own and your children's future plans. Life insurance is one of the measures to achieve all of this.

Life insurance company SB draudimas, since 2000 successfully operating in Lithuania, belonging to Šiaulių bankas group, offers insurance services to ensure the financial security of the family:

Types of insurance
Life insurance Safe Family By choosing this service for Šiaulių Bankas customers, both life and accident injuries are insured. Thus, the insurance benefit would be a financial benefit to the family in the event of the loss of the insured, as well as to the insured himself if he suffers an injury. A small monthly insurance premium would be deducted from your account in Šiaulių Bankas by standing transfer.
A safe future investment programme for You and your family Tai galimybė viena draudimo sutartimi apdrausti visus šeimos narius, kiekvienam iš jų parenkant draudimo apsaugą pagal individualius poreikius, kartu kaupti lėšas ir asmeniškai dalyvauti investavimo procese.
Children's secure future insurance Life insurance to ensure your child's financial framework for the start of independent living not only when parents pay insurance premiums, but also in the case of loss of one of the insured parents. Under these circumstances, payments are continued to pay by insurance company, at the end of the contract term the child is paid the entire amount accumulated. One insurance contract may cover life of the both parents.
Pension plan

The pension plan will help you saving money for your future retirement and feeling confident about your and your relatives’ future.

Insurance "I am safe"

By choosing this life insurance policy, a default benefit is provided in the event of death. In addition, you can choose insurance in the case of a critical illness which gives you the opportunity to receive the insurance benefit in the case of falling ill with one of the 16 serious diseases listed in the list of critical diseases. Additionally, having chosen the accident insurance, the insurance benefit is paid in the event of injuries and death as a result of an accident.

Where to go to sign up?

SB draudimas consultants are always ready to help you entering into a contract, to provide additional information or to answer your questions:

By phone 1813