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Mortgage Loan

It is nice to have your own place not only under the sun, but also under your roof! Mortgage loan makes it possible – use the funds to purchase, build or reconstruct a residential property and purchase a plot of land for housing construction.


The full amount of loan can be disbursed in instalments over a period of 12 months, as needed.
If necessary, you can postpone the repayment of the loan for up to 12 months from the date of signing the agreement – during this period you will only pay interest.
Early repayment of the loan is possible free of charge on the interest rate change date.

Mortgage Credit Calculator

Credit period (months)
Common income per month (EUR)
Common liabilities per month (EUR)
Credit repayment schedule
Maximum amount of credit
Needed amount
Your monthly payment (EUR)

The specific terms of financing are determined individually and depend on the results of the client’s creditworthiness assessment.


Jei imate 90 000 EUR kreditą, įkeisdami nekilnojamąjį turtą, 30 metų laikotarpiui, kai 5,93 proc. kintamoji metinė palūkanų norma, pasirinktas anuitetinis metodas, sumokate 360 EUR vienkartinį sutarties administravimo mokestį, tai bendra kredito kainos metinė norma būtų 6,13 proc., bendra Jūsų mokama kredito suma – 193 158,64 EUR. Bendras kredito įmokų skaičius – 360, o mėnesio įmokos suma – 535,55 EUR.


If you took out a mortgage loan of EUR 90,000 for a period of 30 years with a variable interest rate of 5.93 per cent, where the payments are made on an annuity basis and you paid a one-off agreement administration fee of EUR 360, the annual percentage rate of charge would be 6.13 per cent and you would repay the total loan amount of EUR 193,158.64. The total number of mortgage payments – 360; monthly payment amount – EUR 535.55.

Annual percentage rate of charge is calculated based on the following assumptions: (I) the loan agreement remains in force for the entire agreed period and no amendments to its terms are made; (II) the loan is disbursed in full and immediately; (III) the parties properly fulfil their obligations on terms and conditions of the loan agreement; (IV) the interest rate specified in this example is applied throughout the effective period of the loan agreement, which, including other amounts payable, remains the same as at the time of concluding the loan agreement and applies until the end of the loan agreement; (V) no payment holiday is applied; (VI) the loan is not repaid before its maturity date. Costs of which the Bank is not aware are not included in the sample calculation of the total annual percentage rate of charge.

Main terms and conditions

Mortgage loan may be granted to adult citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or individuals holding a permanent residence permit in Lithuania issued by the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and receiving steady income.

Purpose of the loan

  • Purchase of immovable property for residential use;
  • Construction, reconstruction of immovable property for residential use, completion of such construction;
  • Finishing/repairs of the primary residential property;
  • Purchase of a plot of land for the construction of a house, if a loan for the construction of dwelling is also issued.




Up to 30 years


Depends on your income and your family’s income and financial capacity to repay the loan, also the price/value of the dwelling to be purchased and/or immovable property pledged.


The residential immovable property that is purchased or being built.
Other residential immovable property acceptable to the bank may also be pledged.

Valuation of the pledged immovable property

All property pledged to the bank must be valued before granting loan to the client.

Insurance of the pledged immovable property

Before the loan is disbursed, the client is required to insure the property pledged to the bank with an insurance company or insurance brokerage company acceptable to the bank. The minimum requirements for property insurance contracts are available here.

Interest rate

Variable interest rate. 
The variable interest rate is determined by tying fixed interest margin provided for in the agreement to the 6-month EURIBOR.
The interest margin is determined individually.

Repayment method

Linear, where the loan is repaid in equal instalments and interest is calculated on the remaining loan amount; therefore, monthly payments decrease every month.

Anuitetas - grąžinama paskolos dalis ir palūkanos paskaičiuojamos taip, kad kiekvieno mėnesio įmokos būtų vienodos, iki kol paskola bus visiškai išpirkta.

Documents required to apply for a mortgage loan

You can apply for a home loan in two ways: electronically or physically arriving at a bank unit. In both case you will have to fill in a loan application, which you can download, fill in  and sign on the Dokobit portal (by specifying the recipient [email protected] and a city which is convenient for you to be served in), or bring the filled in application to the unit.

In both cases, the following documents are required:

Other documents to be provided will be discussed during a consultation regarding the loan.

For more, see Information about the Dokobit portal and signing electronic documents is available here.

Where to apply for a mortgage loan?

By phone 1813
(+370 37 301 337, for calls from abroad)

Please note that the total amount of monthly mortgage payments that you make to various credit institutions should not exceed 40 per cent of the total net income you receive per month.

When you use financing services, you enter into financial commitments. Before granting a loan, the bank will consider your income and the existing commitments.

Borrow responsibly – should you fail to properly fulfil your financial obligations, you may lose the immovable property pledged for the purpose of receiving the loan. Improper fulfilment of financial obligations may also negatively affect your credit history and/or increase borrowing costs.