Analysis of Customer Claims

Šiaulių Bankas pays special attention to delivery and continuous improvement of the high-quality banking services and products that meet customer expectations and provide value. Your experience and opinion are extremely important in this process, therefore we kindly invite You to become a part of the bank's services,  products and performance improvement  process - share your thoughts if You have any observations or suggestions, and ask if You need a consultation.

Contact us in a way most convenient for You personally: 

Submitting a written claim or enquiry to Šiaulių Bankas, please sign it and always specify the following information so that we will be able to respond You: 

The Bank shall examine neatly and legibly written claims and inquiries in the state (Lithuanian) language and / or English and Russian languages with the above-specified client information and data. Providing one of the aforementioned mandatory documents has not been submitted, the bank shall be entitled to ask You to supplement the claim or enquiry with the missing item in order to prepare a due response.

Claims and inquiries submitted by you are analysed by the responsible employees of Šiaulių Bankas. After receiving your claim or request, they will respond within 15 (fifteen) business days. In special cases where the investigation of a claim or inquiry requires a thorough investigation, the deadline for replying may be longer than the above deadlines, but the bank will inform you in writing of such a need to extend the deadline.

Please be advised that according to legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania is attributed with the competence to deal with consumers and financial market participants' disputes arising from the provision of financial services Therefore, if You are not satisfied with the response provided by Šiaulių Bankas   You have the right to address the Bank of Lithuania within one year after addressing Šiaulių Bankas with regard to the dispute at:  Žalgirio str. 90, Vilnius. More information on the disputes examined by the Bank of Lithuania is available on the website at

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.