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E-life New SB draudimas self-service portal For SB draudimas customers who signed insurance contracts from 12/01/2023 and former INVL Life customers whose contracts were transferred to SB draudimas. LOG IN
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SB draudimas self-service portal Old SB draudimas self-service portal For SB draudimas customers who signed insurance contracts till 30/11/2023 LOG IN
Asset Management portal Asset Management Service portal For SB draudimas customers having Asset Management Service contract. LOG IN
"SB draudimas" mobile app is available for E-life users
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Become a customer of
Šiaulių Bankas

Every day, we strive to be closer to our customers and their needs – not only are we constantly developing digital tools for daily banking, we are also investing in improving our customer service units. We want our customers to be able to choose how they want to be served, whether it’s through self-service in the Internet Bank and mobile application, or with the help of our experts in the customer service units and by remote means. We are always ready to help our customers find the most suitable solutions.

How do I become a customer?

Why should I choose Šiaulių Bankas?

A wide network of customer service units and ATMs

We have customer service units in 37 cities and towns across Lithuania.


Flexible service plans

Choose the service plan that best suits your needs. Unable to decide? Try our calculator!


Cash transactions closer to you

Choose service plans Traditional, Maximum and Youth and enjoy free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Lithuania and abroad.


Extremely favourable credit card terms

This card offers health insurance while travelling abroad and insurance for most of your purchases. Choose service plan Maximum and withdraw up to EUR 2,000 per month free of charge.


Upgraded and convenient mobile application and Internet Bank

It’s a quick and easy way to check your account balances, pay for goods and services, and perform other daily banking transactions in a safe and quick manner.