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Safety scheme

The safety scheme for a monthly fee of only 0,9 euro will protect the payment card against financial losses caused by unlawful use and will help in case of loss of car keys or tickets to certain event in case of disease.

If the safety scheme is ordered, we will replace the lost card by a new one free of charge, and you will recover the money that has disappeared from the card unlawfully within 1 day.

The safety scheme for a monthly fee of only 0,9 euro will enable you:

The safety scheme may be ordered through the following channels:

By phone 1813
(calling from abroad: +37037301337)

  1. Insurance of ticket cancellation is valid if the tickets to certain event are cancelled because of the insured person’s disease.
    • The ticket to certain event has to be bought by the card issued by Siauliai Bank or through Internet Bank.
    • Disease means an acute and unexpected deterioration of health resulting in hospitalisation of the insured person or prescription of the outpatient treatment on the day of the event, provided the health disorder continues for at least 7 days (including the day of respective event), hence preventing the insured person from attendance of the event.
    • The insurance benefit is paid for one person just for one ticket to the event, regardless of the total number of bought tickets.
  2. Insurance of lost keys of the vehicle is applied to reimburse the expenses of key replacement and/or lock replacement or repair incurred because of the damage, loss, theft or robbery of the keys:
    • It is valid for the holder of vehicle’s keys, who is a lawful owner and holder of the vehicle;
    • The vehicle’s keys are considered lost when the signs of break-in, theft or robbery are proved.
    • The vehicle’s keys are considered damaged if they are broken, damaged by water, fire or other destructive force without any fault of the insured person.
    • The vehicle’s keys are considered stolen if the insured person notifies the police about the theft without delay (not later than within 24 hours) and receives the documents confirming the fact of theft/ robbery from the police.
  3. Personal civil liability insurance is applicable for the insured person’s property interests related to the insured person’s civil liability for the damage caused to health and/or property of third persons:
    • Reimbursement of losses caused by destruction or damage of the tangible property of third person and/or bodily injury of third person (including death);
    • The intangible damage caused by bodily injuries shall be also reimbursed;
    • Beneficiary is the third person that has suffered damage.

Scope of the insurance cover

Sum insured

Ticket cancellation insurance

EUR 200 per event and for the entire insurance period

Losing vehicle keys


EUR 300 per event and for the entire insurance period

Personal liability insurance

EUR 1,000 per event and for the entire insurance period

Please report the insured event immediately and not later than within 15 calendar days after the event to:

Baltic Underwriting Agency AB