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Payment Cards

A contactless Mastercard® payment card is a secure, convenient and modern payment instrument for daily purchases.

Update your card – order via internet bank or at any customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas!

Cash deposits, withdrawals or payment transactions in customer service units of Šiaulių Bankas*


Cash withdrawals at Medus ATMs and Perlas Finance UAB terminals and through other bank networks*


EUR 1,000 per day

Number of transactions

 5 transactions per day

 Payment transactions for goods and services


EUR 4,000 per day

Number of transactions


Maximum cash deposit limit at Medus ATMs and Perlas Finance UAB terminals**

EUR 15,000 per month

* Clients can change transaction limits in the Internet Bank, in the mobile application or by submitting a request to the nearest customer service unit of Šiaulių Bankas AB or by telephone.

** A single overall cash deposit limit applies to all the client’s payment cards. With the bank’s agreement, a higher limit than the standard cash deposit limit may be set.

If you wish to have a higher cash deposit limit, please contact any customer service unit of Šiaulių Bankas where you will be asked to fill in the Application for a Change of the Cash Deposit Limit. You can also submit your application via the Internet Bank by filling in a free-form application.

Please also note that we will make a decision on whether to change your preferred cash deposit limit within 10 working days. We may ask you to provide additional information or documentation before making the decision, or we may refuse your request. We would also like to inform you that Šiaulių Bankas, implementing the requirements of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the Republic of Lithuania, has the right to reduce the changed limit or restrict cash deposit operations, after informing you in advance.

Cash withdrawals

Cash deposits


At Medus ATMs

In Perlas Finance UAB terminals

At Medus ATMs

In Perlas Finance UAB terminals

Minimum amount per transaction





Maximum amount per transaction***

EUR 700

EUR 500

200 banknotes

(EUR 14,480)

EUR 500

*** If you need a larger amount, repeat the transaction, but the total amount of transactions cannot exceed the daily limit set for the payment card.

MasterCard Business payment cards may be set a predetermined repayment or fixed credit limit.

A fixed credit limit is granted for a period of one year with the used credit repayable until the last day before the credit limit validity expires.

A predetermined repayment credit limit is granted for the card lifetime with the used credit covered on a regular basis according to the terms set in the agreement.

In order to acquire a payment card with a credit limit, please fill out the Application for the issuance of the corporate card, establishment/increase/reduction of the credit limit at any Šiaulių bankas branch or via internet bank.


Prevention of illegal settlements in a foreign country

What should I do if I lost my payment card?

If you lose your payment card, you can block it by:

  • using internet bank;
  • 24-hour telephone call 1813, in such case the request for confirmation of the lost payment card blocking must be submitted to any branch of Šiaulių bankas within 7 business days.

The card is blocked for free.

Should you lose your payment card, immediately block it by dialling our continuous service line at +370 700 55 055. The lost payment card shall be blocked immediately. An application regarding the confirmation of blocking of the lost card should be submitted to any outlet of Šiaulių bankas within 7 business days. The card will be blocked free of charge.

How to use a payment card safely?

  • Sign in the space provided immediately after receiving a new payment card.
  •  Keep a watch on your payment card like any other personal identification document or cash.
  •  Do not show or disclose the details of your payment card on the phone or Internet to individuals whose reliability is doubtful.
  •  Use combinations unknown and unpredictable to other people for your passwords which are necessary when providing information on the phone.
  •  Make sure that the payment card has been returned to you after each payment.
  •  Check the monthly statements of your payment card on a regular basis.
  •  Should you notice any suspicious operations, inform the bank immediately.
  •  Never disclose your payment card’s PIN code to anybody; do not write down your PIN code where other persons can see it. Destroy the envelope after memorising your PIN code.
  •  Check a payment amount before signing on the payment receipt or entering your PIN code.
  •  In case the payment card went missing or you suspect that other people might know your PIN code or took control over your card, immediately notify the bank thereof and block your payment card.

For your financial security, Šiaulių Bankas has set certain transaction limits which limit cash withdrawal at ATMs and payments using a card.