Opening of Accumulative Account Online

You have made an important decision to found a company. We sincerely wish you to bring your ideas to life and encourage making the first steps in setting up a business easily, safely and quickly by opening an accumulative account on-line.  Through opening an accumulative account on-line Šiaulių Bankas provides You with an opportunity to form an authorized capital of the new company.

On-line registration of a new company (i.e. of a new legal entity) is performed by connecting to the self-service website of the Centre of Register.

After login to the self-service website of the Centre of Registers a founder of a new company submits an "Application to Open an Accumulative Account" on-line. Having received data of the new company a bank's officer shall prepare an accumulative account agreement, sign it with an e-signature and submit to the company founder within two business days who, on his turn, shall also sign the agreement with an e-signature.  Simple and convenient.

Note. After opening an accumulative account and signing an accumulative account agreement with e-signature, a company's founder shall transfer an authorized capital within 15 calendar days - if this condition is not fulfilled within the specified period, the account will be automatically closed.

If the authorized capital is successfully formed and completed other procedures required for establishment of a company we kindly invite you to visit the nearest customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas where the accumulative account will be changed to a company's settlement account.