Payment Cards

How to find out the balance on the payment card account?

You can check the balance on your payment card account as follows:

  • having concluded an SMS banking agreement and ordered notifications about the balance of the account for which the payment card is issued. The service is subject to a fee. Each SMS notification received from the Bank will cost you EUR 0.12. SMS notifications are sent by the Bank every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • call on business days and business hours at 1813 or at telephone numbers of the client service centres. Also you can call the processing centre (FDL) at +370 5 215 1177, +370 5 215 1188, mob. +370  698 54 466 24-hours round. The calls are charged according to the fees applied by the client‘s telephone operator;
  • connect to internet bank - it is free of charge, can be used  24-hours round at any place of the world which has the Internet access.
What can be done in case than the payment card is lost?

If you lose your payment card or if it is stuck in an ATM, block it immediately in one of the following ways:

  • block the card using mobile application of Šiaulių Bankas.
  • log in to the Internet Bank of Šiaulių Bankas and block a stolen or lost payment card by selecting "Accounts & Cards" -> "Cards" -> Click on the card image -> "Block card" -> You can leave a comment about the lost card -> "Next". Confirm this transaction with your existing means of identification. The Internet Bank system will automatically process the confirmed transaction and block your payment card.
  • contact us by telephone to 1813 (+370 37 301337 for calls from abroad). Read more.

To find out how you can order a new payment card, please contact us by telephone to 1813 or visit any customer service unit of the bank.

How much time it takes to issue the payment card?

The payment card is issued within 4-5 banking days.

Can other family members use the client’s bank account?

The payment card’s account can be used by other cardholder’s family members who the issued extra cards on the cardholder’s request. The payment cards are issued to the children from the age of 14 having the ID document with the written parental consent.

How is the payment card extended?

The payment card is valid till the last date marked on the card.  If there is enough money in the account for the card extension and there was not registered the client’s refusal to extend the card, the new payment card will be made automatically. You can withdraw your payment card in the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas. Submitted application to extend the payment card, it can withdrawn in that outlet, which was indicated in the application. If the card extension is not applied, it is necessary to inform the bank in writing not later than one month prior to the payment card expiry. Note that the extended payment cards are rendered with a new PIN code.

When could the extended payment card be withdrawn?

The extended payment card could be withdrawn in the bank’s outlet the last week of the card’s validity term or later.

Which payment cards can be used for internet payments?

You can pay online with all payment cards issued by the bank: Debit Mastercard, Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold, Debit Mastercard Business and Mastercard Business and SB lizingas.

How many times can I enter an incorrect PIN code?
  • 2 errors are allowed at an ATM. If you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times, the system will “block” your card. If this happens, the cardholder must inform the bank about a locked payment card and submit a written request for producing a new card.
  • 2 errors are allowed in a store (on a chip-based card reader). If you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times, the system will “block” your chip card. Chip card can be unlocked for Maestro and MasterCard payment cards at the affiliated network ATMs (Nordea / Danske Bank / Citadele / Šiaulių bankas) by replacing the payment card's PIN code.
What could be done in case the PIN code is forgotten?

Please order a new payment card by log in to internet bank or in any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.

Is it necessary to have an ID using the card?

You should know your card PIN code using the ATM also paying for goods or services with the payment card. You may be asked to show your ID document settling with the card or withdrawing cash in the bank cash office in Lithuania or abroad.

How should the claim for the inexact month statement be laid?

The written claim for the inexact month statement should be submitted in the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas within 20 days from the receiving the statement. The period of the claim investigation depends on the place where the operation was executed, i.e. in Lithuania or abroad. If the claim of the client about the write-off is not reasoned, the fixed bank fees are applied.

What can be done in case the card is not accepted in the settlement and cash withdrawal places?

If the card in the settlement and cash withdrawal places is not accepted, you should dial the electronic banking department of Šiaulių bankas tel. 1813 or you can visit the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas and find out the reasons. If the card magnetic stripe went out of order, the new one would be made free of charge.

How it is possible to receive the account statement of the payment card?

You can receive the account statement of the payment card by several ways:

  • it is possible to refer to the statement on internet bank (free of charge);
  • Keep track of the information about transactions performed in the Account using the SMS banking service.
  • The last 5 operations can be viewed using Šiaulių bankas’ ATMs.
How to change the transmission address of the report?

If you want to change the transmission address of the statement, you have to visit the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas and write an application.

Is it possible to pay for utilities and other payments with a payment card?

All utilities and other payments can be paid with a payment card in any outlet of Šiaulių bankas.

How should the paymet card be kept that other persons could not use it?

You should keep your payment card in safety, do not tell your payment cardPIN code to anybody, do not write your PIN code anywhere, where other people could see it.

How do I change my payment card's PIN?

You can change the PIN code for Maestro and MasterCard payment cards yourself on any affiliated network ATM (Nordea / Danske Bank / Citadele / Šiaulių bankas). We recommend that you replace the existing PIN with a hard to guess code. When changing the PIN code, please note the following five things NOT to DO:

  • Do Not select a PIN where all four digits are the same, e.g., 0000, 1111, 2222, etc.;
  • Do Not select a PIN where the digits are arranged in ascending order, e.g. 1234, 2345, 3456, etc.;
  • Do Not select a PIN where the digits are arranged in descending order, e.g., 9876, 8765, 7654, etc.;
  • Do Not use the PIN code of another card used by you or the PIN code of your mobile phone SIM card;

Do Not use birth dates, address, telephone number or other easily guessable digits.

Can I pay with a payment card on cryptocurrency platforms / exchanges?

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency transactions are often associated with an increased risk of fraud, therefore, in order to protect customers from potentially illegal transactions, the Bank does not make payments related to cryptocurrencies (clauses 7.3 and 7.3.12 of the General Rules for Provision of Šiaulių bankas Services).