• Mobile bank closer to you

Mobile bank closer to you

The mobile application offers a quick and easy way to manage your daily finances using your smart device

Convenient and secure to sign in
Quick and easy to use
Instant payments with a few clicks
More useful and time-saving options

Convenient and safe to sign in

  • Signing in using secure tools such as Smart-ID or mobile signature
  • Making singing in quicker – simply create your own 4-digit PIN code
  • It is possible to use biometric sign-in tool – sign in with your fingerprint or Face ID

Quick and easy to use

  • Quick and easy management of account funds and information
  • Summary of detailed account information 
  • Prompt updating of information
  • Detailed information about the selected account, reserved amounts or payments
  • Quick and easy management of payment card information and functions
  • Confirming multiple payments at the same time
  • Redirection to Online Banking without additional login 
  • View credits and deposits

Instant payments

  • The funds are transferred to the beneficiary’s account immediately 
  • Payments are made 24 hours a day, including weekends and public holidays
  • The maximum amount of an instant payment is up to EUR 100,000
  • A variety of simple payment options

More useful and time-saving options

  • The DEMO version of the application
  • Push notifications of receipts, debits, declined payments, unconfirmed payments, received and unpaid e-invoices, received messages, applied currency surcharge
  • Useful links to bank information
  • Search and repeated payment functions
  • Dark Mode
  • Share functionality