Rent of Safes

Safes are the safest way of keeping your valuables 24 hours round. Convenient to store jewellery, equity and other documents, securities, collected or antique valuables, cash (if for different reasons you do not want to have a bank account), as well as other valuables important and precious to You.

We would like to pay your attention that it is forbidden to keep weapons, ammunition, explosives, poisonous, strong odour emitting materials, flammable materials, toxins, drugs, radioactive, acidic materials as well as materials in pressure vessels, and liquid metals, for perishable products.

The service of rent of safes can be used by private and corporate customers, who have a bank account with Šiaulių Bankas for at least three months.

How to rent a safe?

* Regarding a rent of a particular safe and its measurements we recommend to enquire in the particular outlet of the Bank where the safe rent service is provided.

All fees for renting a safe deposit box will be debited from your bank account at current bank rates (see here).

You will need to present your personal idetification document every time you use the safe.