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INVL Asset Management Investment Funds

Our distributed investment funds are managed by the asset management company INVL Asset Management, owned by one of the leading asset management groups in the Baltic countries being Invalda INVL. Companies of this group also manage pension funds, alternative investments, individual portfolio, private equity and other financial instruments.

Investment Fund


INVL Emerging Europe Bond Subfund

  • The funds are invested into the most attractive-looking, according to credit analysis, Central and Eastern European governments’ and corporate debt securities.
  • In order to ensure smooth return on investment and prudent risk-taking, riskier (corporate bonds) and safer (government bonds) investments are combined.
  • Recommended minimum duration of investment in the fund is 1 to 3 years.

INVL Baltic Fund

  • The Fund invests in the shares quoted in the Baltic States or shares of actively operating companies of the Baltic States.
  • Investing tries to achieve maximum growth of assets assuming big volatility risk.
  • Recommended minimum duration of investment in the fund is 3 to 5 years.

INVL Russia ex-Government Equity Subfund

At the moment operations for this subfund are suspended.
More information here.

INVL Global Emerging Markets Bond Subfund

  • The funds are invested in those debt securities of governments, municipalities and companies in emerging countries (securities exchanges and markets) that credit analysis shows to be the most promising;
  • The Subfund combines riskier investments (corporate bonds) and safer ones (government and municipal bonds) in order to protect the value of assets and ensure a stable return on the Subfund’s investments;
  • Minimal recommended investment period - 2 years.

Investment amount

It is recommended to choose how much to invest in investment fund units based on your investment objectives, the desired risks and profits and financial capacities. Investment funds managed by INVL Asset Management UAB are not subject to minimum investment limits (minimum amount of EUR 0).

Investment Fund Fees

Investment funds are applied management and distribution fees (premiums). They may be extended by the success and exchange fees. Details of applicable fees can be found here.


When investing in investment funds, money is entrusted to manager, so first of all we recommend to assess his competence, i.e. how much property is managed by the manager, what are the historical results in return reached by the asset manager, as well as are the manager’s funds rated by international ratings (e.g. Morningstar, Lipper).

It is also important to consider that even the lowest risk investment funds such as money market or bonds, as market conditions change, may lose some value, so you may get back less than you invested. Prior to the purchase of fund units is also important to assess their liquidity.

Investment funds risk is usually lower than risk of individual shares because they are diversified by asset class, sector, region, and other aspects.

In other words, the investment fund money may be invested in shares of different companies, thus reducing one company's credit risk. If such investment fund invests in several companies from different countries and sectors, risk is falling further. If the same fund complemented its strategy and invested in bonds and other asset classes the risk would reduce from the asset class aspect as well.

So, before making an investment decision, we recommend you to carefully consider the investment fund's strategy and investment rules set out in the selected fund’s documents (prospectuses, rules).

The information contained herein is only a presentational marketing message. It cannot be regarded as an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy any financial instrument, to sell it and (or) to conclude the transaction (s).

By investing, you assume the risks associated with the investment. The fund's value may rise and fall, the investment can be both profitable and loss-making, you can get no financial benefit, you may lose part or even the entire invested amount due to circumstances beyond the control of Šiaulių bankas AB. The fund's historical performance is not a reliable index of future return and risk. Šiaulių bankas AB is not responsible for your decisions taken on the basis of the information contained herein.

Although the contents are based on sources believed to be reliable, Šiaulių bankas AB and INVL Asset Management are not responsible for inaccuracies or damages that may result from such information.

We recommend you to responsibly and carefully choose the investment fund, to draw attention to the risks associated with investments, applicable taxes and other deductions as well as to read the fund’s rules, prospectus and key investor information documents.