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E-life New SB draudimas self-service portal For SB draudimas customers who signed insurance contracts from 12/01/2023 and former INVL Life customers whose contracts were transferred to SB draudimas. LOG IN
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SB draudimas self-service portal Old SB draudimas self-service portal For SB draudimas customers who signed insurance contracts till 30/11/2023 LOG IN

Authentication Service

It is a confirmation of personal identity in one or another Internet site rendering e-services. This service provides a possibility to the users of internet bank to identify themselves on the partners' portals - the system will automatically transfer them the client’s data necessary for personal identification.


A self-service system of the Centre of Registers allows you to take advantages of the services rendered by the real estate register, register of legal entities, register of addresses and VĮRC certificate centre.


SoDra web portal is designed for natural persons and legal entities that wish to use the electronic services offered by SoDra. The identified users may find important information on pay-outs, request, complaints and other relevant information. 


After confirming their identity, in the portal www.lietuva2.lt citizens can create and sign civic initiatives, register organization, collect visas on the document and approve them online.


Users of Gjensidige ADB Web portal can simply, easily and quickly  insure their car, property or trips and settle  for insurance policies.


Provides access to your credit history. Do not hesitate - check your credit reputation and be sure to remove the weaknesses that could be an obstacle for obtaining credit or other services in the future.


In Šiaulių banko lizingas UAB contract information system private and corporate customers can view the data of the contracts signed, schedules and payments made, order premium payment reminders, direct debit and payment schedule conversion reports, print payment documents.


An e-declaration system allows  you to fill in  income and property declarations,  private interest declaration, real estate declaration  and to  carry out other tax-related procedures as well as to submit respective documents.


Users of the National Payment Agency (NPA) information portal can review information of the submitted requests, financial information, documents sent by the NPA and received by the NPA  and other important information, they can change contact details in the submitted applications as well as the bank account number.


The self-service portal allows simple and fast administration of the existing insurance policies or purchase of new ones, there you can execute single-time and standing orders and to inform about an insurance event.


A portal of public e-services provides a possibility to use the services provided by the public institutions, enterprises and municipalities on the Internet.