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Term Deposit PLUS

This term deposit is a simple and convenient means to grow your savings. Private clients, in special circumstances, can prematurely terminate the deposit contract or withdraw part of the deposit, without breaking the contract.

Key terms


Withdrawal of a part of the deposit without terminating the contract

Early termination of the deposit contract

Deposit can be stopped before the deadline only in exceptional circumstances. Business customers according to the list of special circumstances cannot terminate the deposit contract before the deadline.

Deposit contract may be entered into:

The deposit agreement can be concluded by natural persons and legal entities (residents and non-residents). It is not possible to make a Term Deposit Plus from the Co-owners Account. When placing a deposit, all you need to do is indicate the preferred amount of the deposit and have it in the account on the day of reservation of funds. The agreement shall enter into force on the day of its conclusion and shall remain in force until the date specified therein.

Contact phone tel. 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337).