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Synergy European Crowdlending Fund

Šiaulių Bankas also offers to acquire units of the European Crowdlending Fund investing in the alternative financing sector of the company Synergy Finance. Synergy Finance is a licensed management company controlled by the Bank of Lithuania, which manages investment funds whose assets are invested in technology sector companies, other financial instruments related to real estate, raw materials, gold or other asset classes. The company also engages in consulting activities (providing investment portfolio formation, selection of financial instruments, investment tracking services, etc.).

Investment Fund


Synergy European Crowdlending Fund

  • The first open-end investment fund in the Baltic States, through which informed investors can easily invest in the extremely fast-developing crowdfunding and loans market.
  • The Fund's funds are invested in crowdfunding and loan markets of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Georgia.
  • Looking at the prospects for investing in target companies, the goal is to return the investors 8 to 10 per cent per year.

Short description of investment strategy

  1. European Crowdlending Fund means a collective investment fund for informed investors that invests in equity and debt securities of target companies operating in the crowdfunding and alternative financing sectors.
  2. Target companies are usually invested in during their early stage, i.e., at a time when target companies do not yet have any activity and may not have performance results.
  3. In accordance with its investment strategy, the Fund is a venture capital strategy fund, that is, the Fund invests all of its assets in high-risk companies operating or starting to operate in the crowdfunding and alternative financing sector at an early stage of their operation.
  4. Looking at the prospects for investing in target companies, the goal is to return the investors 8 to 10 per cent per year.

Amount invested

It is recommended to choose how much funds to allocate for purchase of fund units in accordance with own investment objectives, the desired risks and profits and financial possibilities. The minimum amount you can invest in the Synergy Finance UAB fund is EUR 125,000.

The information provided here is just an outbound marketing message. It cannot be regarded as a proposal, call or recommendation to acquire any financial instruments, sell them and/or enter into a transaction(s).

By investing, you assume the risks associated with an investment. The fund's value may both rise and fall, the investment can be both profitable and loss-making, there can be no financial benefit, it is possible to lose some or all of the invested amount due to the circumstances beyond of Šiaulių Bankas’ will and action. Historical fund results are not a reliable indicator of future returns and risks. Šiaulių Bankas is not responsible for your decisions based on the information provided here.

Although the content of the information is based on sources that are considered reliable, Šiaulių Bankas and Synergy Finance are not liable for any inaccuracies or losses that may result from such information.

We recommend to choose the investment fund responsibly and carefully, to pay attention at the risks associated with investments, applicable taxes and other deductions as well as to read the fund rules, prospectus and other related documents carefully.