Transfer Orders in Foreign Currency

Foreign currency transfers can be made to any account in Lithuania and abroad.

The time it takes to perform the transfers in foreign currency:

Transfers to the European Union and EEA countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in currencies are carried out if the beneficiary's bank BIC, IBAN of the beneficiary's account are specified, the bank charges are paid both by the payer and the payee (SHA)


Performing a payment please verify accurately if the account number is indicated correctly. The payment transaction shall be executed according to the beneficiary's account number indicated by You.
If the account number is indicated incorrectly, the funds can be credited to another client's account even if the beneficiary’s name is indicated correctly.

IBAN examples
More information about IBAN is provided on the website

Please note: When making a payment, make sure you enter your account number carefully. The payment transaction is executed according to the beneficiary's account number.

If the account number is incorrect, the funds may be credited to another customer's account, even if the nebeficiary‘s name is correct.You must fill in a foreign currency payment order o transfer currency to other banks registered in Lithuania or to banks registered in foreign countries.