Contactless SB Lizingas credit card

SB Lizingas credit card is consumer credit on a card.

You can have the credit limit you need on your card account – from EUR 300 to EUR 10,000.

Why choose an SB Lizingas credit card?

The card is issued free of charge.
You can choose the credit limit you need – from EUR 300 to EUR 10,000.
If you are a customer of SB Lizingas, we will give you a discount on the interest on your credit limit.*
There are no monthly or annual card account administration fees.
Flexible credit repayment system – you can reuse the repaid credit at any time.
You will be able to make payments in Lithuania and abroad and enjoy all the benefits of a MasterCard.

* The discount applies to customers who have duly and timely fulfilled their obligations under the last consumer credit agreement with SB Lizingas. Discounts are not cumulative when the agreement is signed under the terms of the promotion (should the promotion take place).

How do I apply for an SB Lizingas credit card?

Choose the ordering method that suits you best:

By telephone to
Calls from abroad
+370 37 301 337

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