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General Conditions

  1. In these Service Fees (hereinafter - the Fees) of Šiaulių Bankas AB (hereinafter - the Bank)  legal entities , shall be considered as corporate customers, whereas, natural persons as well as farmers, notaries, bailiffs shall be considered as private customers (hereinafter jointly - the Customer (s)).
  2. Additional costs of the Bank related the payment transaction executed by the Customer or service rendered to him besides those fees listed in the document can be applied for all the services in addition to the listed Fees:
    • additional expenses for mail and telecommunications;
    • State's taxes, if any;
    • Foreign banks' taxes, if any;
  3. The Bank is entitled to change the fees unilaterally as foreseen in the General Rules for the Provision of Services of Šiaulių Bankas AB. The amended fees are availble on the Bank's website at www.sb.lt.
  4. Fees shall be paid in Euros unless individual bank service rendering agreement or other agreements concluded with the Customers foresee otherwise. The fee applicable by foreign banks shall be debited in currency specified by a foreign bank. The Customer shall pay a commission fee to the Bank in the manner foreseen the General Rules for the Provision of Payment Services  of Šiaulių Bankas
  5. If the service rendering agreements concluded with the Customer, or legislation,or the present fees do not include the Bank's obligation to provide a particular service, it can be provided upon Customer's request with for a fee agreed between the Parties in advance.
  6. Definitions used in the present document:


- the number of the Bank's business days during which a payment order shall be executed. D+ 0 – a payment order shall be executed  on the same Bank's business day if it has been submitted before time specified in the section "Hours".

Hours - time before which a submitted payment order shall be considered as received on the same Bank's business day.

OUR – a payer shall settle the fees of Šiaulių Bankas and other foreign banks. Additional fees of foreign banks shall be debited for the payer's account. Executing a payment order in USA dollars, additional fees of foreign banks can be deducted from the transferred amount.

SHA ― a payer shall settle the fees of Šiaulių Bankas and a beneficiary shall  settle the fees of foreign banks.

Account - an account opened on behalf of  the Client or a few Clients (co-owners) with the Bank, used to execute payment transactions. Types of accounts may vary, for example, it can be a bank account, deposit account, trust account, securities, account,  accumulative account and etc.

SEPA credit transfer - a payer-initiated payment transfer in euro, executed in accordance with the scheme established by the European Payments Council in the whole SEPA area.

Resident - (i) a natural person who, under the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania or the legislation of a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area, has the right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania or in an EU Member State or an EEA State; (ii) a legal entity whose registered office is in the Republic of Lithuania.

Non-resident - (i) a natural person who is not considered to be a resident; (ii) a legal person whose registered office is outside the Republic of Lithuania