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Service Plans

What is a service plan?

A service plan is a kit of daily banking services. A fixed monthly fee is charged for the services included into this kit.

Is a service plan obligatory to acquire?

These service plans are worth using though not obligatory. 

Why is it worth using a service plan?

After selecting a service plan, you always know how much per month you pay for daily  banking services included in this service plan. Also, You will be able to save much if You actively use internet bank and perform credit transfers SEPA, payments for services, standing  credit  payments, single credit transfers and automated payments as they will be provided free of charge.  The service plan also includes a debit payment card which is very convenient to pay for goods and services in Lithuania and abroad.

How to order a service plan?

A service plan can be ordered via internet bank or visiting the nearest customer service point. The service plan will become effective in 2 (two) business days. 

Must I order a debit card specified in the plan after ordering the respective service plan ? Can I use the debit card I already own?

It is not obligatory to order a payment card, it depend on Your needs:

  • After ordering a service plan, You can also order a debit card.  Then the debit payment card issue  and card account monthly management fee shall not apply to this debit card. A debit card may be ordered and included into a service plan kit later - when needed.
  • If You already have Debit MasterCard debit card, they may be included into the chosen service plan kit.

Note. If You do not include the owned debit card into a chosen service kit, you still will be able to use it according to the same conditions this debit card has been issued until the end of its validity.  

Can I order a service plan if I do not want to take a debit card?

You may order a service plan even if you do not have and do nor order a debit card.

Will I have to pay separately for the second debit card which is not included in the service plan?

Yes, typical payment card service fees shall apply.

Can I change a service plan? How can I do this?

You can change a service plan. Wishing to change the service plan,please fill in a new service plan order form on internet bank or come to the nearest customer service point.

When a service plan fee will be debited?

For each calendar month the service plan fee will be debited before the last day of the calendar month. Monthly service plan for the first month of service plan usage is debited in accordance with the number of days when the service plan was actually used.

How long will the ordered service plan be effective?

The service plan is of indefinite validity, however, if the bank finds out that the service plan is being used dishonestly or the conditions of the Bank account and (or) Card usage agreements have been breached otherwise, the service plan usage can be restricted or terminated completely. 

If after ordering a service plan it will apply to all my accounts?

A service plan shall apply to all Your existing accounts in euros (except securities accounts). Debit card issue and servicing, cash placement and withdrawal fees specified in the service plan shall apply only to one debit payment card selected by You.