Standing Transfers

Who can order a standing order service?

The standing order service could be ordered by all the clients that have a bank account or a payment card account with Šiaulių bankas. Šiaulių bankas issues payment cards and opens bank accounts free of charge.

How to order a standing order service?

Please, visit the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas, fill in and sign the agreement of standing order. The agreement could be also made using internet bank.

In what currency are standing orders performed?

The standing order could be performed in euro only.

Can a standing order be performed to the bank located in another country?

Standing orders are performed only to the banks registered in Lithuania.

What period a standing order agreement can be signed for?

A client is able to choose the period of standing order effectiveness: 

  • fixed term; 
  • not define a term.
Is it possible and if yes, how it is possible to terminate the standing order agreement?

Yes, it is possible. Visit the nearest outlet of Šiualių bankas or use the internet bank.