• Mobile Banking Services

Mobile Banking Services

How to become a user of the mobile banking service SMS bank?

First of all, You have to conclude a mobile banking service agreement regarding SMS bank:

  • if you are a user of internet bank, a mobile banking service agreement can be concluded on the system by selecting menu section Other Services –> SMS Bank. After the agreement is concluded, please select the settings.
  • if you are not a user of internet bank, a mobile banking service agreement  can be concluded in any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas (please have a personal identification document with you). 
Can I a corporate client use the mobile banking service SMS bank?

Yes, corporate customers can use the mobile banking service.  

How many times can I enter an incorrect password?

Šiaulių Bankas shall block usage of mobile banking if the incorrect password is entered for 5 times in a row. 

What should I do if I forget my permanent password?

If you have replaced the initial password with a permanent one and have forgotten it:

You will be provided with a new initial password.

I fail ordering a command. Why?

The most common reason is that the client sends a  wrong SMS message non-compliant with the requirements or sends it to the wrong phone number.

Instruction on how to form a message is available in in the description of the mobile banking service SMS bank. After typing a desired command on the sms window , the message must be sent to +370 612 45 070 (the  country's code +370 is obligatory when dialling the number).

What is the most popular and convenient SMS bank service?

A short message on funds credited on accounts is a very convenient service of the SMS bank. You can subscribe to this service, typing the command XXXXX II a, where:

  • XXXXX – a password;
  • II – command's name (automatically send  messages about funds credited to the account);
  • a – a row of the account under the agreement.

You can subscribe to the command also via internet bankTransactions –> SMS Bank –> Settings –> Deposit –> Sending Settings

How to deny the messages automatically send by SMS bank?

You can deny the automatically sent messages by typing XXXXX, command name (e.g. II) a OFF on your cell phone, where:

  • XXXXX – Your permanent password;
  • a – a row of the account under the agreement.
  • OFF – a command off parameter.

The command can also be denied via internet bankTransactions –> SMS Bank –> Modify Contract –> select the command You wish to deny –> Cancel sending

What is a charge for the mobile banking service SMS bank?

No fee to agreement signature and maintenance shall apply. The client's sms is charged according to his mobile operator's rates. The bank's sms is charged EUR 0.09.