Other Services

1. Preparation of certificates and other confirmations1:

1.1. preparation of certificates for declaration of the residents' property and income

free of charge

1.2. preparation of certificates on open and closed accounts and their balances in Lithuanian2

10.00 EUR

1.3. preparation of certificates on inheritance funds or other assets in Lithuanian2 and sending them to interested parties by email3

10.00 EUR

1.4. preparation of other letters and certificates not covered by paragraphs 1.2 and 1.33,4;:

1.4.1. in Lithuanian

20.00 EUR

1.4.2. in English or Russian

30.00 EUR

2. Copies

0.30 EUR per page (VAT included)

3. Sending of correspondence to the Customer: 

3.1. by mail within Lithuania:

3.1.1. for ordinary letter

1.50 EUR 

3.1.2. for a registered letter

3.00 EUR

3.1.3. for document dispatch via the courier mail

10.00 EUR

3.2. by mail to foreign country:

3.2.1. for a registered letter

6.00 EUR

3.2.2. document dispatch via the courier mail

55.00 EUR

5. Issue of copies of payment and other documents

1.50 EUR per each page of a copy

6. Search of payment and other documents older than one year in the archive

5.00 EUR (inclusive of VAT)

7. Confirmation of a payment document (per transactions executed via internet bank) in the bank

1.00 EUR

1 Certificates and other supporting documents are drawn up after the Client has paid the set fee. They are issued at customer service units of the Bank. If the Client wishes to receive documents by post, the rates for sending correspondence to the Client apply in addition. 

2 For certificates in English or Russian, the fee set out in sub-paragraph 1.4.2 applies.

3 Certificates, notices and letters are issued within 15 working days

4 For the preparation of complex letters or certificates as well as those covering a period of more than one year, the fee set out in paragraph 1.4 may be charged additionally for each year.