Electronic invoice (e-invoice) is a simple, convenient, useful and safe way to receive and pay invoices, which you can use (order service) since 7 January 2016.

E-invoice is an electronic invoice, created, sent, recorded, stored and paid in cyberspace. Starting with the next year, service providers, instead of sending you paper invoices by mail, will be able to submit e-invoices through internet bank. Having logged into the system, you will be able to safely, simply and conveniently handle your e-invoices.

E-Invoice Benefits If You Use Internet Bank

  • Convenient, because e-invoices are available to see and pay by one-time funds transfer at any time of the day.
  • Simple, because after selection of one-time funds transfer for e-invoice payment, payment order will be filled in automatically.
  • Useful, because after selection of automatic e-invoice you don’t need to care about timely payment.
  • Safe, because all e-invoices will remain on internet bank and available for you only.

E-Invoice Benefits If You Don’t Use Internet Bank

  • Simple, because the customers who do not use internet bank, can come to the chosen branch of the bank and subscribe to e-invoice submission in the branch and to set up automatic e-invoice payment agreement.
  • Convenient, because after setting up of automatic payment contract, you no longer need to go every month to the bank or other institution and stand in queues for the invoices were paid on time.

Automatic E-Invoice Payment Benefits

After selecting of automatic e-invoice payment, funds transfer is at no cost to you: whether e-invoice is paid in the bank branch, or via internet bank.

E-invoicing can be ordered:

Following is the list of service providers offering e-invoicing.

You can choose between the two ways to pay e-invoices:

  • Perform a one-time transfer of funds
  • Instruct the bank to pay e-invoices automatically.

Automatic E-invoice Payment

  • In the case of selecting e-invoice automatic payment, the required amount will be automatically transferred from your account specified in the request to the service provider's account.
  • By selecting this e-invoice payment method, you can set the maximum amount payable per transaction or monthly, above which e-invoice will not be paid.
  • If you wish, you can turn off automatic e-invoice payment at any time.

One-time E-invoice Payment

To make a one-time e-invoice payment, you will need:

  • To connect to internet bank, or to come to selected Šiaulių bankas branch;
  • To inspect your e-invoices and choose the ones you want to pay.

You can get e-invoices from the service providers, who use e-invoicing service.

IMPORTANT! If the service provider does not use e-invoicing service, your direct debit consent will expire on 1 January 2016. In this case, you will be able to pay for the services by a simple transfer of funds.

List of service providers who offer e-invoicing (continually updated)

Click here to see General e-invoicing conditions (PDF). 

If you have questions, please contact Šiaulių bankas customer servicing outlets or call 1813 (+370 37 301 337 from abroad).