Service plan "For the Youth"

This plan is intended for the pupils and students (7 to 22 years of age) and allows withdrawing EUR 200 per month (5 transactions). form the ATM free of charge.

FREE WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS IN ALL ATMs IN LITHUANIA AND WORLDWIDE shall apply to the private clients of Šiaulių Bankas who use payment cards linked to the service planFor the Youth.

If You order a service plan the following shall apply to You:

  • a free payment card (Debit Mastercard or Maestro);
  • free withdrawal up to EUR 200 in cash from the  joint ATM network (Nordea / Danske / Citadele/ Šiaulių Bankas) (5 transactions). Free deposit of cash  - since 1 September 2017 FREE cash withdrawal limit shall apply  not only at the joint network of ATMs but also at all ATMs in Lithuania and worldwide. ;
  •  free deposit of cash ;
  • unlimited on-line money transfers in euro  to the banks operating  in Lithuania and European Economic Area states;
  • unlimited acceptance of on-line payments;
  • free payments for purchases;
  • other popular daily banking services.

You are welcome to visit Šiaulių Bankas or to order it on SB Linija.

In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting us by tel. tel. 1813 ( +370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) email or visiting  customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas.


Standard fees

Service plan
For the Youth

(up to 22 years old)

Monthly fee



1. Account administration

EUR 0.50/month

includes all accounts in euros

2. SEPA credit transfers on-line1

EUR 0.23  – inside the bank
EUR 0.41 – to other banks


3. Acceptance of on-line payments;

EUR 0.23  – inside the bank
EUR 0.41 – to other banks


4. Debit card (Debit Mastercard or Maestro).

EUR 0.40/month

1 card free of charge

4.1. Payment for a good or service with a payment card



4.2. Placement of cash at the joint network ATMs (Luminor / Danske / Citadele / Šiaulių Bankas)



4.3. Payment (withdrawal) of cash at the joint network ATMs (Luminor / Danske / Citadele / Šiaulių Bankas).

0,4 % (min. EUR 0.30)

max EUR 200

(5 transactions) free of charge2

4.4. Cash withdrawal from other ATMs in Lithuania and foreign countries

2 % (min. EUR 3)

max EUR 200 (5 transactions) free of charge2

5. Issue of a PIN card to on-line banking system SB Linija.

free of charge

free of charge

1 Ordinary SEPA credit transfers, standing SEPA payments, single and automated e-invoice  settlements, Bank Link transactions.
2 In case cash is withdrawn more than 5 times per month or withdrawn amount exceeds EUR 2 00 per month, a fee of 2 % min. EUR 3 shall apply from the 6 cash withdrawal transaction or from the amount exceeding EUR 2 00.

Note. Terms and conditions for service plan usage shall apply to all plans (for the new clients valid from 18-06-2018). For the current clients valid until 16-08-2018 these Terms and conditions.