Basic Payment Account

Basic Payment Account is the basic services basket approved by the Bank of Lithuania, which includes the minimum banking services for a fixed fee: EUR 1.50 per month. For the customers who receive social allowance in cash, Basic payment account is applied 50 per cent discount and the fee is reduced to EUR 0.75 per month.

Minimum daily basket of services includes:

  • Free Opening of a bank account
  • Free issuing of electronic banking SB Linija PIN code card;
  • Unlimited crediting of received payments in euros;
  • Unlimited cash depositing in Šiaulių Bankas network ATMs and "Perlas" terminals;
  • Free issuing of one debit payment card;
  • 10 on-line credit transfers SEPA   and on-line crediting of payments in euros monthly;
  • Free cash payout of EUR 550 per month in Šiaulių Bankas network ATMs.

The Basic payment account service is provided only to one already existing bank account. If the customer does not have an account at the Bank, he/she is opened a new bank account. The Basic payment account service can only be used in one credit institution operating in the Republic of Lithuania.

Who is Recipient of the Service?

The Basic payment account service may be chosen by Lithuanian residents and other individuals from the European Union countries, who evidence their professional, economic, social or personal relationships with the Republic of Lithuania.

How to Subscribe to the Service?

 Submit a request for the Basic payment account service in any customer service unit.


The fee for the Basic payment account service is debited automatically on the last day of the month for the current month.
For the socially supported clients, the fee will be offset in the first days of the next month.
The customer can choose one of the options:

In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting us by tel.  1813 (+370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) email or  visiting  customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas.


Typical Fees

Basic Payment Account 

Monthly fee


EUR 1.50/month1

1.    Account management

EUR 0.60/month (per account)

selected account in euros2

2.     Credit transfers SEPA in euro (via Bank's on-line banking /Mobile Application):

2.1.   Credit transfer to the own account with the Bank

free of charge

free of charge

2.2.   Credit transfer to the other client's account with the Bank

EUR 0.23/month

10 transactions free of charge

2.3.   Credit transfers SEPA outside the Bank

EUR 0.41/month

2.4.   Standing credit transfers

To other client's account - EUR 0.23;

To other banks - EUR 0.41

2.5.   E-invoice one-off credit transfers and automated settlements

To beneficiary's account with the Bank - EUR 0.23

To beneficiary's account with other bank - EUR 0.41

2.6.   Credit transfers paying via Bank Link system

EUR 0.23/month

2.7.   Acceptance of funds

To service provider's account with the Bank - EUR 0.23;

To service provider's account with other bank - EUR 0.41

3.     Payment cards:

3.1.   Debit card issue and servicing (Debit Mastercard or Maestro)

EUR 0.70/month

1 card free of charge

3.2.   Payment for a good or service with a debit card



4.     Placement of cash:

4.1.   At ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas



4.2.   in the terminals Perlo paslaugos UAB 



5.     Cash withdrawal

5.1.   At ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas

0,4 % (min. EUR 0.40/month)

EUR 550 per month free of chargei3

5.2.   At ATMs of other Lithuanian and foreign banks

2 % (min. EUR 3/month)

2 % (min. EUR 3/month)

6.     Conclusion of the on-line banking agreement and PIN code card issue

free of charge

free of charge

For customers who are subject to monetary social aids to deprived people according to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Social Security for Deprived Persons, a monthly fee of EUR 0.75 shall apply.
2 Includes Bank account opening and closing.
3In case  withdrawn amount of cash exceeds EUR 550  per month, a fee of 0.4 % min.  EUR 0.40 from the amount exceeding EUR 550 shall apply.