Frequently asked questions about safe online payment

How to register payment card in the secure online payment program?

  1. Login to Šiaulių bankas’ internet banking system SB linija.
  2. In the left menu, select Cards, then Secure Payment.
  3. Select the card to register in the secure online payment program, and click Register.
  4. Enter the requested data and confirm by signing operation: button Enter and Sign.
  5. After a short time the card status changes to Registered.

Whether after registration the card will be immediately available to pay securely in online stores?

Card will be available to pay online after data update.

In the secure payment program, payment cards are registered, de-register, data updated five times a day:

If you enter data:

Data is updated at:

from 23 to 7


from 7 to 11


from 11 to 15


from 15 to 19


from 19 to 23


What cards can be registered in the secure online payment program?

  • Credit cards Mastercard Standard and Mastercard Gold
  • Debit cards Debit Mastercard and Maestro
  • Business payment cards Mastercard Business, Debit Mastercard Business and Maestro Business

How does secure online payment program work?

  • Secure online payment with Masterard cards is ensured by international security program Mastercard SecureCode. Online stores that participate in these programs are marked with the program logo (see. Fig.). Under this program, each online purchase requires further confirmation.
  • When paying by card registered in the program in online stores participating in the security program Mastercard SecureCode, after entering the required data in the card payment window, you will go to Šiaulių bankas’ secure payment page.

On this page, check whether the personal message displayed meets the message your created during card registration. If personal message is correct, then confirm the settlement by additional permanent SecureCode password and one-time password sent by SMS or e-mail.

After entering correct passwords, you can continue shopping in the online store. Your permanent SecureCode and one-time passwords are not disclosed to the seller.

How to register an additional card, that is linked to any other person or entity?

If your card is tied to another person’s or legal entity’s account, you should contact the account holder and ask to register the additional card you are using in the secure online payment program.

What if I failed to confirm the operation?

If you are unable to confirm the operation, contact Šiaulių bankas by phone 1813
(+370 37301337, if calling from abroad).

What if I entered the wrong passwords?

  • If you enter an incorrect constant SecureCode or one-time password 3 consecutive times, the possibility to use this card to pay online is blocked.
  • You can remove blocking of online payment via online banking system SB linija, by selecting Cards à Secure Payment and link Change next to the card.
  • One-time password, sent via SMS or email, is valid for 5 minutes of receipt. The password can be downloaded again.

How to know if an online store uses a secure online payment program?

Most of the online stores that participate in this program, have a visible sign of Mastercard SecureCode.

Why this is beneficial for me?

When purchasing from online stores participating in the Mastercard SecureCode program and entering the correct password, it is confirmed that you are the legitimate card holder. If the wrong password is entered, the buying process is terminated.

Even knowing your card number, the other person is unable to pay in the online store without the correct password.

Is it possible to buy in stores that accept Mastercard but do not offer the Mastercard SecureCode service?

Yes, buying in such shops you do not need to enter additional passwords.

How many cards can be registered in a secure online payment program?

You can register as many cards as you like. We recommend you to register all existing cards.

What if I did not receive one-time password by SMS or email?

Check whether during the card registration in the secure online payment program, you entered correct mobile phone number or e-mail address. You can contact Šiaulių bankas by phone 1813 (+370 37301337, if calling from abroad).

What if I lost my card and received a new one?

The new card must be registered in the secure online payment program.