Contactless SB Lizingas credit card

SB Lizingas credit card provides a consumer leasing in the card

With  contactless SB Lizingas credit  card You can pay for the goods and services  at  shops or service rendering places, buy on-line and pay while having your vacation abroad.


Benefits of the contactless SB Lizingas credit card

EASY.  A conctactless SB Lizingas credit  card  can be used to pay for purchases without PIN code confirmation when the amount does not exceed the transaction amount set for the specific card reader.
FAST. Wishing to pay You have to touch your card on the reader marked with a symbol . When paying follow the instructions on the card reader's screen. A payment will be approved when the green light flashes and the reader beeps.

SAFE. These payments are safe as they are subject to a few layers of security.

USEFUL. Paying with a contactless payment card abroad favourable exchange rates shall be applied. An amount that can be paid with the contactless card without entering the PIN code may vary in Lithuania and abroad.

Why it is worth choosing SB Lizingas payment card?

  • To receive a credit limit You will have to submit a minimum number of documents  and agreement will be concluded in a few minutes.
  • You may select the required credit limit between EUR 300  and EUR 3 000.
  • If You are SB Linija client, you will receive a discount to credit  limit interest.*
  • Neither month nor annual card account servicing fees are applicable.
  • A flexible credit repayment system - you will be able to use the covered credit at any time again.
  • You will be able to take advantage of all benefits applicable to MasterCard holders.

* Discount shall apply to all the clients that have duly and timely  fulfilled their obligations under the last fully repaid consumer credit agreement with SB Lizingas. In case the agreement is concluded in terms of the campaign (if any), the discounts shall not be added.

Benefits of the card

SB Lizingas card shall be issued to persons who are at least 18 and have regular income. Having the aforementioned card, You will be able to:

  • pay only  interest and select the credit repayment time and amount yourself;
  • pay in Lithuania and abroad, at any place marked with the MasterCard brand;
  • book flight tickets, hotel or a rented car;
  • amend transaction limits per day at your discretion ;
  • place cash into a card account through ATMS of the joint network (Luminor, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas) that accept cash or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB ;
  • withdraw cash from ATMS of the joint network (Luminor, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas) or from any other ATMs in Lithuania and abroad, an through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB;
  • amend your payment card Pin code to other required code using the joint network ATMs (Luminor, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas)
  • cancel payment card chip blocking (if it was blocked because of a wrong PIN code enter into a chip card reader)  through ATMS of the joint network (Luminor, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas);
  • take advantage of favourable foreign exchange rates applicable to the card.

How to acquire a card?

SB Lizingas card can be ordered in any  customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.

In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting us by tel. 1813 (calling from abroad +370 37 301 337).