MasterCard Standard

The most suitable card for convenient, easy and safe payments!

This payment card is one of the most popular international credit cards. This card can be used not only to settle in the usual trade and service venues but also in the on-line stores, to book an air plane ticket, a hotel room or a car.

Besides, holders of MasterCard Standard payment cards are insured against accidents worldwide including Lithuania!

Benefits of the card

Being a holder of the MasterCard Standard you will be able to:

  • receive a credit limit up to EUR 5 000. MasterCard Standard payment cards are entitled to interest-free or permanent credit limit over their useful life;
  • pay for goods and services in all places marked with MasterCard brand in Lithuania and abroad;
  • pay on the Internet, book a flight, hotel room or make a car reservation;
  • to change a number of transactions per day at your own discretion, which is worth doing if you prefer to limit the amount that could be withdrawn from the card account in cash from ATMs or paid while settling for good with a payment card;
  • place cash into a card account through ATMs of the joint network (Nordea, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas) that accept cash or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB ;
  • withdraw cash from ATMS of the joint network (Nordea, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas), from any other bank's ATM in Lithuania or abroad  or other ATMs in Lithuania and abroad or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB;
  • change your payment card PIN code to another code through ATMS of the joint network (Nordea, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas);
  • cancel payment card chip blocking (if it was blocked because of a wrong PIN code enter into a chip card reader)  through ATMS of the joint network (Nordea, Danske Bank, Citadele and Šiaulių Bankas).

MasterCard Standard payment card insurance

  • All holders of MasterCard Standard issued by Šiaulių Bankas are insured agains accidents all 24 hours round worldwide including Lithuania (except country of residents if a card holder resides not in Lithuania).
  • insurance also applies to skiing and scuba diving ( down to 30 metres) - additional insurance is not needed;
The main conditions of the insurance agreement regarding insurance against accidents
Insurance coverage and a table of amounts
Where to turn to in case of an insured event?
  1. Insurance against accidents is valid to a holder of the valid MasterCard Standard payment card.
  2. Age of persons insured against accidents is under 75.
  3. Insurance is valid in all the countries including Lithuania and except the cardholder's country of residence (if he/she is not a resident of Lithuania).
  4. Insurance benefits are paid in case of death, disability or traumas and are established according to the tables where the level of disability and types of traumas are revealed.
  5. Insurance protection is also effective in the event of minor injuries such as joint sprains, ligament and tendon rupture, cracking bones, burns, frostbite, and soft tissue injuries.
  6. No restrictions are imposed on insurance protection if the accidents happens while riding a motorcycle.
  7. Disability is associated with the body's functional capacity decrease, rather than with the level of of loss of working capacity determined by the public authorities.
  8. A person is entitled to annual medical examining to determine the level of disability   three years in turn after the accidents and is subject to extra-benefits in case the situation is getting worse.
  9. Rabies and tetanus cases are insurable events.

Insurance of MasterCard Standard cards covers the following

Insurance coverage Insurance amount Insurance territory
insurance against accidents which encompass: EUR 13 000 including: Worldwide (including the Republic of Lithuania), except for a country of permanent residence other than the Republic of Lithuania*
Death EUR 5 000
Disability EUR 5 00
Trauma EUR 3 00


* If you are not a resident of Lithuania

Insurance coverageInsurance amountInsurance territory

In the event of an accident, which is considered as insurable event (from 01/12/2015)

1. Please inform the competent authorities about the event immediately (police, fire brigade, ambulance, etc.);
2. Address a doctor (medical institution) immediately (not later than within 48 hours)
3. Follow your doctor's instructions and decrease the accident consequences as much as possible ,i.e. take prescribed medicines, etc.).
4. Inform ERGO about the insurance event orally (as soon as possible) and in writing or by visiting the ERGO unit:

• report about each insured event immediately , but not later than 30 calendar days;
• if the accident resulted in death - within 5 calendar days (120 hours) after becoming aware the moment.

5. Provide ERGO with all the information and documents which are relevant to the circumstances of the insured event and to establishment of the insurance benefit: 

• medical documents and (or) the conclusions of medical experts in support of health disorder, injury, disability, death fact; 
• X-ray, computerized tomography or resonance imaging pictures - to base bone fractures, etc.

Contacts for application (since 01/12/2015)

Lithuanian branch of insurance company ERGO Insurance SE (24 hours round) Euro-Center Prague

Geležinio Vilko str. 6A
LT-03507 Vilnius


• 1887 (calling from Lithuania)

• +370 5 268 3222 (calling from abroad)

Fax +370 5 268 18 3005

El. p.

Tel.: + 420 221 860 639 

Fax +420 221 860 18 600 

Do not contact if you are going to settle the bills yourself. After return You will submit them to the ERGP and medical expenses will be compensated.



Good to know

  • A payment card account is opened and managed in compliance with the client's request: in euros or USA dollars.
  • Paying with a payment card abroad favourable exchange rates shall be applied.

How to acquire a card?

This payment card can be ordered via: