SB Linija

E-banking system SB Linija is a fast, cheap and safe way to find out your account balance, to execute important payments and other daily financial operations.

What can you do when you log in to SB Linija?

Currently our e-banking system offers the following services:

  •  to find out the balances of your accounts and payment cards.
  •  to review, print and order account statements to your e-mail.
  •  to execute local and international payments.
  •  to pay various taxes and payments.
  •  to pay for goods and services in online stores.
  •  to fill in various applications and request ( for a payment card, credit, etc.)
  •  to conclude the agreements of various types (deposit, standing payments, SMS bankas, Investment Service Rendering Agreement,  etc.).
  •  to review existing credit schedules.
  • to trade in securities in the Baltic stock exchanges.
  •  to submit a declaration of income and property.
  • to take advantage of  other useful functions.

How to start using the SB linija?

  1. Visit any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas and sign the agreement. Bring your personal identity document: passport or identity card.
  2. You will be able to log in to SB Linija and approve transactions with the help of one of the safest means of personal identification:
  • PIN Code card (PIN+SIM is required for signature of certain transactions);
  • Mobile electronic signature;
  • Stationary electronic signature: chip identity card issued by Population Registry Service or a special USB key issued by the Registry Centre;
  • Electronic code generator.

Help topics

For more detailed information visit Šiaulių bankas branches or call 8 700 55 055 (+370 37 301 337 from abroad).

Security Measures For The Operations Carried Out Via SB Linija