Mobile e-signature

Mobile electronic signature is one of the safest among the today's electronic personal identification measures: it is an electronic equivalent of usual signature and identity document (passport or identity card) having legal force.

This signature can be used to approve financial transactions and documents in e-space, after having logged into online banking and other electronic systems. With a mobile signature, these actions need no bank code card or code generator or other means.

What are the advantages of having a mobile electronic signature?

  • It is easy. You just need to have a mobile phone and after entering a mobile signature sPIN code, you can sign financial transactions and legally valid documents in any part of the world where there is Internet access.
  • It is safe. This electronic signature sPIN code is known only to you. In addition, the protection can be double, if your phone is additionally protected by a PIN unlock code.
  • It is simple. You use your mobile phone every day, so you can very easily and quickly log into the bank's online banking and other systems with the help of mobile electronic signature.

Where to use the mobile electronic signature?

  • Mobile electronic signature replaces the bank’s PIN code card or generator when logging into online banking system via SB linija and mobile Šiaulių Bankas applet and approving financial transactions there.
  • With this signature, it is easy to login to e-government service portals (e.g., tax authorities, Sodra, etc.) or other electronic information systems.
  • It is quick and easy to sign documents in the electronic document signing systems,, and others.

Who can get mobile electronic signature?

Natural persons who have  concluded a subscription agreement with any mobile operator operating in Lithuania (regardless of a fact if the SIM card belongs to the company or is owned by another person), as well as pre- payment service PILDYK users, if they are:

  • Lithuanian citizens;
  • Non-residents with a valid permit for temporary or permanent residence in Lithuania where the Lithuanian personal ID number is shown.

The service is not available:

  • To persons who do not produce a passport or identity card;
  • To prepaid mobile service users;
  • To citizens of EU Member States.

Where to get mobile electronic signature?

Your mobile operator salons:

Registry Centre‘s units:

  • Tele2 subscribers and  PILDYK service users
  • Omnitel subscribers
  • Bitė Lietuva subscribers
  • Teledema subscribers
  • Tele2 subscribers
  • Omnitel subscribers

How to login to SB linija and bank‘s mobile applet?

How to login to SB linija?
How to login to bank‘s applet?
  1. At enter your user name (ID) and password.
  2. Select security means Mobile Signature.
  3. Make sure that the four-digit control number (e.g. 4059) shown on your mobile phone screen is the same with the four-digit control number (e.g. 4059) shown in the browser window. If:
    • Numbers are the same, confirm code in mobile phone by pushing OK button;
    • Numbers differ, cancel logging by pushing Cancel button and start logging in once more.
  1. After you confirm the four-digit control number, mobile phone screen will ask you to enter sPIN code. After correct entering of sPIN code you are successfully logged into SB linija. 

  1. Open applet, push Login.
  2. Select M-signature and enter your SB linija user name (ID), logging password and mobile phone number.
  3. Push Next button.
  4. Mobile phone screen will ask you to enter sPIN code. After entering correct sPIN code you are successfully logged. 


Detailed information on how to use mobile e-signature can be found in the instruction manual.

For more detailed information visit Šiaulių bankas branches or call 8 700 55 055 (+370 37 301 337 from abroad).