After 5 times of entering incorrect password, access to the applet and SB linija is blocked.

If customer’s (user’s) access to SB linija is blocked or suspended, applet is unavailable.

If during logging in internet connection fails or BACK button is erroneously pushed for too much times, error is displayed telling that mobile applet „Šiaulių bankas“ is suspended.

If user forgets/loses SB linija ID verification means or Bank system blocks access to the applet, client (user) has to come to any branch of Šiaulių bankas (bringing personal ID document), except „SB linija“ users having mobile signature, when they call bank-given phones and at that time they have assigned the secondary logging means being E-signature.

Not logged-in clients have access to the following services:

  • News
  • Bank contacts
  • ATMs and branches
  • Exchange rates
  • Currency calculator
  • Settings
  • Interest rates of deposits
  • Deposit calculator