About the mobile applet

Mobile applet „Šiaulių bankas“ (hereinafter referred to as Applet) provides the possibility for private and business clients at any time to familiarize with bank news, services provided, customer servicing network as well as to manage the funds in the bank accounts with the means of smart device which is connected to Internet.

Applet is available for the customers having smart devices with „Android“, „iOS“ or „Microsoft Phone“ operating system installed. The device also must have manufacturer-supported  „Mozilla Firefox“, „Google Chrome“, „Internet Explorer“, „Safari“ or „Android Jelly Been“ browser. It is recommended to use the latest version of your browser.

All Applet services are available only to the users of bank’s internet banking system SB linija after having connected to the Applet. If you are not user of Šiaulių bankas internet banking, please come to any bank branch and sign „Electronic Services Providing Contract“. Bring your personal identification document.

A part of Applet services and functions is available for all smart device users.

In order to start using the Applet, download it from online mobile applet shop and install it in your smart device.

Applet can be found at:







if using phone or tablet with „Android“ operating system installed. if using smart phone „iPhone“ or tablet „Ipad“. if using phone or tablet with  „Windows” operating system installed.

Šiaulių bankas’ clients, with the means of the Applet, can:

  • Check their account balances, learn about credited and debited amounts;
  • Perform payments between their accounts in Šiaulių bankas, local payments and currency exchange operations;
  • Look through deposit contracts;
  • Read and answer bank’s messages;
  • Read bank’s news;
  • Find the way to the nearest ATM and branch office;
  • Learn about currency exchange rates;
  • Instantly contact the bank.