Who can log in to the applet?

Part of the applet features and services are available to all users of smart devices, but all the services are available only to the logged in users of bank's online banking system SB linija. Applet login is available for those users who log in with PIN card (password card) or M-signature (mobile signature).

What operations can be performed within the applet?

In the applet you can fill out, sign and execute a payment between your accounts, make local payment or currency exchange. Local payment is the payment within the bank or to another bank registered in Lithuania. It is also possible to contact the bank: to write a message to the bank and get a response.

What are the transaction fees and execution times?

Transactions signed in the applet are processed similarly to the SB linija operations and are displayed on the SB linija operation lists. Mobile applet operations are applied the same typical bank fees and transaction execution times as in the SB linija.

Why can I login to the applet, but cannot sign a payment?

If you are trying to sign the operations in the applet which are in the state “Waiting for signing” and get the error that “Signing failed. Parameter must be a number”, this means that your SB linija PIN card is used only for login, and transaction signing is attributed to other means of identification. Visit the nearest Šiaulių bankas branch for the bank employee changed the type of operations signing to “PIN card” or “Electronic signature” (if you have a mobile signature).

Why paying state shows pending operations waiting for signing, but there is nothing to select for signing?

If the payment state shows, for example, 10 operations waiting for signing, but clicking on the “Waiting for signing” gives neither a single operation, check whether in the SB linija operations sort settings (in menu item Transaction -> Transactions Lists push button “Columns and sorting”) “Correspondent” (the recipient) is ticked for displaying. If unticked, tick, save the settings and then try to sign operations in the applet.

Another possible reason is that in the applet, unlike in SB linija, it is impossible to sign selected operations, if their sum is in excess of their available balance.

In the case I make a mistake several times in entering password, will I be able to login to the SB linija?

If you enter wrong login password 5 times in a row or make a mistake only twice, but you were already 3 times wrong when logging in to the SB linija, the number of errors is summed and access to the applet and the SB linija is prohibited. To restore the applet and SB linija login rights, you should visit the nearest Šiaulių bankas branch (where you will need to have an identity document).

Why the SB line already shows accrued income but the balance of the applet is still not changed?

Applet updates balance data every 60 seconds. If you need to check the balance more quickly, logout from the applet and log in again.

Why signed payment is not displayed in the statement for the last 7 days?

The last 7-days statement is displayed automatically. If you login and make a payment, to quickly update the balance and the statement, select the period “Today”.

Is it possible to delete a message received from the bank?

Applet can be used to view the messages received from the bank, if necessary, to write an answer, but you can delete the messages only after having logged in to the SB linija.