Campaign Just touch and the money will come back

Can You imagine a card that fills itself with money? Take part in the campaign arranged by Šiaulių Bankas and this will be Your contactless Mastercard!

Register on and pay in a contactless manner at least once.  This is enough to debit Your account with EUR 1. While 100 lucky ones will receive EUR 25 more to their accounts.

EUR 1 confirms registration and is transferred to each participant of the campaign only once.
The campaign is launched between 28 March and 23 May 2018.
The grand prize winners will be announced on on 4 June this year.

Campaign Rules

  • You will become the participant of the campaign after filling in the subscription questionnaire and paying in a contactless manner at least once.
  • Each customer of the bank can participate in the campaign only once.
  • Only cardholders of Contactless Debit Mastercard and Mastercard Gold issued by Šiaulių Bankas can participate in the campaign.
  • We will transfer EUR 1 to the account linked to the contactless payment card.  When the account is debited with the euro it means that your participation in the campaign has been confirmed.
  • At the end of the campaign 100 clients whose accounts will be debited with EUR 25 will be selected randomly by means of the computer selection.
  • Detailed Campaign Rules are available here.

MasterCard payment card of Šiaulių Bankas can be ordered in any  customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas or via on-line banking system SB Linija.