Būkite budrūs: plinta sukčių laiškai, neva pasirašyti Šiaulių banko. Juose prašoma paspausti nurodą ir apsaugoti savo paskyrą. Šiaulių bankas tokių laiškų nesiunčia. Jokiu būdu nespauskite laiškuose pateiktos nuorodos.

The Credit of Opportunities

To equip your home, buy a car or a computer, book a hotel room before a trip are the different goals that are easier to accomplish by choosing the right way to borrow.

A Credit of Opportunities encompasses different possibilities to borrow: a consume credit, credit card or a car leasing. Visit us to discuss  it - we'll suggest You which solution best suits your needs.

Opportunity for each Your wish

For repair, furniture, health

For a new or used car

For on-line purchase, travelling, car rent

For the best offer visit please  the customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas located in the most convenient place for You or contact us on-line - select a goal  by clicking on the icon below, submit a short enquiry, and we will contact You. 

If You are interested in borrowing:

Borrow responsibly - if you fail to meet your financial obligations, you can lose real estate pledged for a credit. Improper execution of financial obligations can also adversely affect your credit history and increase borrowing costs.