How do I start investing?

1. Come to any customer service division of Šiaulių bankas, make the investment services agreement. Before signing the agreement, the bank employee will familiarize you with the current investment procedure and requirements.

2. Free securities account will be opened for you. Through this account you will be able to pay for the concluded securities transactions and other investment services.

3. If you are married, in order to the sell existing securities you will be asked for spousal authorization to carry out such operations. So, in order to conclude an investment service contract come to the bank together with your spouse.

4. If you are going to invest online (using the securities trading platform), enter into platform use contract in the bank branch. To invest through this platform, you will just login and select the menu item Investments à Exchange Monitor.

For more information, please call 1813 (+370 37301337 when calling from abroad).