„INVL Baltic Real Estate“ new shares emission

„INVL Baltic Real Estate“ manages about 58 thous. square meters of real estate in Vilnius and Ryga, mostly business centres and other commercial premises. Objects managed by the company are characterized by high occupational indices and generate stabile financial flows. Furthermore, a part of them have further development potential:

  • investment property value: EUR 52 mln;
  • total area: 58 thous. sq. m;
  • useful area: 48 thous. sq. m;
  • occupation: 87 per cent;
  • over 150 tenants;
  • from 5 most important tenants: less than 25 per cent of income.

Objects under management

„IBC“ A class business centre
total area 11 400 m²

„IBC“ B class business centre
total area 11 300 m²

Office building in Vilnius centre, Vilniaus street
total area 9 700 m²

„Vilniaus vartai“
total area 6 400 m²

„Žygio business centre“
total area 3 200 m²

„Dommo business park“
total area 12 800 m²

Office and storehouse  premises in Kirtimai
total area 3 000 m²

Objects managed by INVL Baltic Real Estate AB are located in strategically convenient places, feature high occupational indices and generate stabile financial flows. Furthermore, a part of them have further development potential.

Dividend Policy

On 15 January 2016 the shareholders of INVL Baltic Real Estate AB approved the dividend policy according to which no less than EUR 0.012 of dividend per share making 3 per cent from the new share issue dissemination price shall be paid annually.

Who is the addressee of the new shares emission

Funds attracted during the emission will be used to partially finance or refinance purchase of 6.5 thous. square meters in „Vilniaus vartai“ complex and to balance equity ratio of INVL Baltic Real Estate before it becomes a closed-end investment company. It is planned that after acquiring this status, company’s management will be transferred on trust to asset management company INVL Asset Management.
Shares emission prospectus on 21 December 2015 was approved by Supervisory Authority of the Bank of Lithuania.

Possible change of the company’s legal status

The Company intends to apply to the Bank of Lithuania asking for closed-end investment company license. If the license is issued, it changes the company's shareholder protection and certain operational restrictions are applied, as it is provided for in the Law on Collective Investment Subjects, e.g. the company's shares will be replaced by investment units, the company will have the right to invest its funds managed and the company will be subject to certain restrictions regarding its investments, investment diversification etc. provided for in the applicable legislation. Furthermore, it may increase the company's costs for fulfilling the periodic valuation of the assets, protection of the company's assets in depository etc.

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