Individual portfolio management service

Financial markets provide investors with high capital growth potential, but in order to use it properly you must possess specific knowledge, expertise and experience. Quality personal investment management is a lot of effort and time consuming activity. Therefore, more and more investors entrust management of their assets to professional managers, who, knowing the clients’ needs and goals, take the necessary decisions and regularly inform about changes in the market.

The individual portfolio management service provided by Šiaulių bankas is provided by the asset management company INVL Asset Management, owned by Invalda INVL, one of the leading asset management groups in the Baltic countries. Companies of this group also manage the investment and pension funds, alternative investments, private equity and other financial instruments.

Service Benefits

  • Professionalism. Your portfolio is managed in a disciplined, structured, systematic way in compliance with the chosen investment strategy and following the academic theory principles of portfolio management.
  • Low emotional risk. Emotions are the biggest enemy of investors. They often impede in getting the desired result of the investment. Investors, in contrast to investment professionals, emotionally responding to fluctuations in the value of assets, make hasty and premature decisions.
  • Quiet and friendliness. The burden of maintaining your investment is taken by experienced experts who make investment decisions based on a coherent analysis.
  • Active management. Investing is based on a long-term point of view, however, professionals try to exploit all the advantages of short-term market trends.
  • Global asset breakdown. Risk is distributed in order to take advantages of the opportunities offered by varying economic development pace in the individual regions.
  • Wide choice of investment instruments. The portfolio consists of a wide range of financial instruments, allowing for optimal diversification of funds to the best risk-return ratio.

Whom is this service for?

This service is useful to use if:

  • You lack of knowledge and time to analyze your own financial instruments;
  • You want to entrust investing to professionals;
  • You wish to receive regular reports;
  • You wish to get information on the key market developments and their potential impact on the investments.

How much money do I need?

Fiduciary managed portfolios contract is recommended starting with 30 thousand euros.

Where to apply for the conclusion of investment portfolio management contract?

It is best to apply for individual investment portfolio management contract by completing the request form, and financial counsellor will contact you.