Consumer credits

We have different dreams and different needs, sometimes they are smaller and sometimes bigger. When You need money to make them true it is worth  taking a consumer credit - You could use it for glasses, washing machine, computer, flat repair works, holidays, car and other needs.

Why it is worth choosing consumer credit issued by Šiaulių Bankas?

You can repay the credit before its maturity without any additional fees.

If a credit amount is EUR 4 500, the term is 60 months, the fixed annual interest rate is 7% *, the one-time administration fee is 45 EUR, in this case the total amount paid by the borrower is 5 335,78 EUR, the annual rate of the total credit cost is 7,66% , the average contribution is 88,18 Eur.

* The exact financing conditions are determined individually and depend on customer credit rating.

How to apply for?

It might be relevant to You

We would like to draw Your attention that a  total amount of the monthly instalments paid by You to various credit institutions should not exceed 40 per cent of  Your total net income received per month.

Using financing services you accept financial liabilities. Before granting a credit the bank shall take into consideration your income and current liabilities.

Borrow responsibly - if you fail to meet your financial obligations, you can lose real estate pledged for the  credit. Improper execution of financial obligations can also adversely affect your credit history and increase borrowing costs.