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Mortgage loan

It's good to have your own place not only under the sun, but also under the roof! Mortgage loan provides an opportunity to take care of this - with the help of this loan you can buy, build or reconstruct a dwelling house and purchase a plot of land for its construction.


  • The total credit amount can be taken in parts over 12 months depending on the need.  
  • After using the total credit You may postpone its repayment for another 12 months.
  • Credit repayment period - up even to 30 years.
  • You may repay the credit prior to its maturity on the interest changeover day.

Major conditions

A mortgage loan can be issued to adult citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or individuals who have a permit for permanent residence in Lithuania issued by the Migration Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and receive regular income.

Credit purpose.

  • For purchase,construction, repair, reconstruction, finish of construction of accommodation.
  • For finish  or repair of the accommodation, if a mortgage loan is provided at the same time.
  • For purchase of a land plot  to build a house,  if a mortgage loan is provided at the same time.





Up to 30 years


It is determined on the basis of the income of You and Your family and the financial ability to repay the loan, as well as the price (value) of the purchased accommodation and / or mortgaged real estate. Subject to finance:

for accommodation, which is the principal place of residenceand not older than 15 years old.

up to 85 per cent of  the market value or price of accommodation (taking into account a lower amount)

for accommodation e that is not a principal place of residence or You have already entered into a credit agreement for the acquisition or construction of real estate suitable for permanent residence      

up to 70 per cent of  the market value or price of accommodation (taking into account a lower amount)

Verify Your chances to receive a mortgage loan: CALCULATOR

Credit collateral

Acquired or other residential real estate acceptable to the Bank shall be pledged.

Evaluation of the real estate to be pledged

Real estate to be pledged must be evaluated by a real estate valuation company coordinated with the bank.

Insurance of the real estate to be pledged

Real estate to be pledged must be insured with an insurance company agreed with the bank.

Interest rate       

Variable interest rate.

The interest rate is calculated as the sum of the 6-month EURIBOR value and the fixed annual interest rate, but may not be lower than the minimum general interest rate established by the bank.

The interest margin shall be determined individually.

Repayment method

Linear - the loan is returned in equal instalments, the interest is calculated on the remaining amount of the loan and, therefore, the contributions decrease on a monthly basis.

Documents required to apply for a mortgage loan

Other documents to be provided  will be discussed during the meeting regarding loan.

Where to apply for a mortgage loan?

Fill in  loan application to natural person in any following manner at Your choice:

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by tel. 1813 ( +370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) or e-mail to kc@sb.lt.

Useful information:

We would like to draw Your attention that a  total amount of the monthly instalments paid by You to various credit institutions should not exceed 40 per cent of  Your total net income received per month.

Using financing services you accept financial liabilities. Before granting a credit the bank shall take into consideration your income and current liabilities.

Borrow responsibly - if you fail to meet your financial obligations, you can lose real estate pledged while taking the loan. Improper execution of financial obligations can also adversely affect your credit history and increase borrowing costs.