Credit with pledge

Why the credit with pledge is attractive?

  •  A credit amount is not limited (depending on the client’s income and pledge); 
  •  A credit can be repaid prior to the deadline set in the agreement;
  •  no life insurance is required; 
  •  we will give a preliminary answer whether a credit will be granted immediately.

What is the purpose of the credit with pledge?

  •  Business development (for persons with a business certificate); 
  •  acquisition of real estate; 
  •  various personal expenses.

What is the currency and term of the credit?

  •  The credit with pledge is granted in euro;
  •  The term of the credit with pledge – up to 5 years.

What amount of the credit with pledge can you apply for?

  •  Credit size depends on the client’s and his/her family’s income and the value of the pledged real estate; 
  •  Credit repayment guarantees: 
  •  pledged real estate (residential house with land, apartment, garage, commercial or industrial premises); 
  •  other liquid assets (car, shares, etc.).

How the credit with pledge will be repaid?

  •  Interest rate on the credit with pledge – fixed or variable;
  • Credit will be repaid in instalments under the repayment schedule specified in the credit agreement;
  •  Interest is paid every month;

What documents are required to obtain the credit with pledge?

  • Credit application for natural persons
  •  personal identification documents confirming your and your spouse’s personal identity; 
  • copies of agreements (credit, leasing, insurance agreement, agreements on alimony benefits, etc.) defining your and your spouse’s obligations to natural and legal persons;
  •  ownership documents of the property to be pledged. 

You are welcome to arrive at any outlet or customer service branch of Šiaulių bankas and complete the credit application form. You can also fill in the credit application using the online banking service SB linija.