Credits for farmers

In case you are in need of additional funds, Šiaulių bankas will grant the “Credit for Farm” or the “Credit for Land” to farmers or agricultural enterprises.

“Credit for Farm” is a credit line repaid by means of payments of the National Paying Agency (NPA):

  • maximum credit line amount – up to 90% of the  NPA payment;
  • credit line term – up to 3 years but not longer than the date of receipt of the NPA payment;
  • The last day of the credit line usage – not later than one year before the final day of the credit line repayment.

"Leasing for equipment" is a possibility to acquire new or already worn pieces of agricultural equipment:

  • the maximum amount of funding - up to 90 per cent of purchased property price;
  • agreement maturity - up to 7 years;
  • ability to coordinate payments with  frequency of  received income.

We offer a reversible leasing , i.e. we will buy the equipment owned by You at the agreed price and You will be able using the equipment further and repaying  the received money by instalments.

You are welcome to arrive at the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas – bring your personal identification document, farmer’s certificate or farm registration certificate.

Dear farmers, with Šiaulių bankas, you will get favourable terms and conditions in any weather all year round!