Mortgage Loans

It is nice to have your own place not only under the Sun but also under the roof!

Why is a mortgage loan attractive?

  • You can take the whole credit amount in parts over the period of 12 months, according to your needs;
  • After taking the whole credit amount, you can defer beginning of credit repayment for further 12 months;
  • A credit can be repaid prior to its maturity specified in the agreement; 
  • A preliminary answer, whether the bank will grant you a credit, will be provided at once.

Check your chances to get a mortgage loan:

Your permanent monthly income (after taxes):
Your spouse's permanent monthly income (after taxes):
Family's expenses to cover the current financial liabilities:
The number of family members:
Credit period (in years):
Monthly instalment:
(evaluating the annual interest rate)
Maximum credit amount:

Who can apply for the mortgage loan?

  • citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or individuals who have a permit for permanent residence in Lithuania issued by the Migration Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania; 
  • individuals over 18 years old;
  • individuals with a regular income.

What is amount, currency and term of the mortgage loan?

  • The credit amount depends on the client’s and his/her family’s income, the value of the housing acquired and the value of real property pledged;
  • a mortgage loan can be granted in euro;
  • minimum mortgage loan term – 1 year; 
  • maximum mortgage loan term – 30 years

What are the terms and conditions for granting the mortgage loan?

  • Sufficient income – a necessary precondition for granting a credit: the mortgage loan monthly instalments and other financial liabilities must not exceed 40% of the monthly income; 
  • credit repayment is ensured by putting real estate in pledge (mortgage): 
  • when putting an apartment under construction in pledge, the construction of the residential building where the apartment is located must be completed by no less than 70%
  • Credits are granted applying a fixed interest rate with a review clause ( annual interest rate related to EURIBOR  + bank's margin is changed every 6 months, however it cannot be lower than a minimal fixed interest rate established by the Bank).

How to repay the mortgage loan?

  •  According to the linear method – credit is repaid in monthly equal instalments, while interest will be paid every month on the actual credit balance (therefore, the overall monthly instalment gradually reduces

What documents are required to obtain the mortgage loan?

  • Credit application to individual;
  • personal identification documents confirming your and your spouse’s personal identity;
  • copies of agreements (credit, leasing, insurance agreements, etc.) defining your or your spouse’s obligations to natural and legal persons;
  • documents required for the construction or reconstruction of real estate (ownership documents, permits, project, works contracts, schedules, estimate);
  • documents required to pledge real estate.

You are welcome to arrive at any outlet or customer service branch of Šiaulių bankas and complete the credit application form. You can also fill in the credit application using the bank’s online service system SB linija

Mortgage loans under favourable terms and conditions

AB Šiaulių bankas under favourable conditions grants housing credits, if the credit recipient purchases the property in the following objects:

  • residential house block “Pavasaris”, Vilnius (Lazdynai microdistrict), Jonažolių Street;
  • two multi-family residential house block „Gluosnis“, Šiauliai (Ginkūnai Settlement), Žeimių Street;
  • multi-family residential house block „Butai Birštone“, Birštonas, Druskupio Street;
  • recreational premises and flats in the block „Baltasis perlas“, Palanga, Žemaičių Street;
  • recreational premises in the project „Jūratės namai“, Palanga, Jūratės Street
  • cottage and flat block in Nida, Purvynės Street;
  • multi-family residential house block „Eitminų namai“, Vilnius, Eitminų Street;
  • apartments „Palvės namai“ in Nida;
  • multi-family residential houses at Miglovaros Street 11 and 13, Šiauliai;
  • plots of land for building of individual houses in  Klevinė vilage, Avižieniai eldership, Vilnius district;
  • plots of land for building of individual houses in Šinkūnai village, Šiauliai district;
  • multi-family residential house at Vytauto Street 115, Palanga;
  • multi-family residential house at Rumpiškės Street 29, Klaipėda.
  • flats at Vilniaus Street 28, Vilnius.
  • „Alkos apartamentai“, J.Simpsono str. 8, Palanga;
  • apartments Pilaitėje, M.Mažvydo str., Vilnius.
Information about the terms and conditions on granting mortgage loan.

For more detailed information, contact the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas or call: (8 41) 595 648 – in Šiauliai; (8 313) 58 045 – in Druskininkai; (8 5) 272 3012 – in Vilnius.