Būkite budrūs: plinta sukčių laiškai, neva pasirašyti Šiaulių banko. Juose prašoma paspausti nuorodą ir apsaugoti savo paskyrą. Šiaulių bankas tokių laiškų nesiunčia. Jokiu būdu nespauskite laiškuose pateiktos nuorodos.

Interested in borrowing

To build a house, purchase, install or renovate your home, invest in personal activities, buy a car, other vehicle or buy a very small purchase... You can borrow money to meet your various needs by choosing the right lending instrument.

Multi-apartment house modernization programme

Useful information

We would like to draw Your attention that a total amount of the monthly instalments paid by You to various credit institutions should not exceed 40 per cent of Your total net income received per month.

Using financing services you accept financial liabilities. Before granting a credit the bank shall take into consideration your income and current liabilities.

Please borrow responsibly as a failure to fulfil financial liabilities can negatively impact Your credit history and increase the borrowing costs.