Bank Accounts

Account opening:
free of charge
Account administration1
EUR 2/per month
Account closing
Assignment of Customer's representative2
3.00 EUR
Data verification, identifying the Customer
200.00 EUR3
Provision of account statement:
EUR 1.00 per statement
In bank's units5:
for a day
0.50 EUR
for a month
1.50 EUR
per quarter
3.00 EUR
for a year
9.00 EUR
via e-channels
free of charge
Account statement of MoneyGram transactions
The fee of  account statement provision in the Bank's unit shall apply.
Fee for cash balances in EUR currency exceeding EUR 10 000 0006
Europos Centrinio Banko metinė palūkanų norma už naudojimąsi indėlių galimybe (proc.) (angl. ECB deposit facility rate) / 360 d.
A fee shall be debited from the Customer's account (it applies to each account of the Customer) regardless of executed /not executed transactions on the last day of each month. If there is not sufficient amount of funds to cover the fee, the Bank shall debit this fee (or its part) at any time later when the any Customer's account is credited with funds.The fee shall not apply to securities transactions/Saving accounts.

The fee shall apply to: (I) a natural person - for verification of the Customer's representation document at the register and / or the assignment of representative to  the Customer's account (s) management so that the representative could be provided with the information, documents, conclude transactions and other  permissible activities.

The fee shall apply  jto legal entity non-residentand legal entity resident  whose founder (shareholder) is non-resident , owning  25 per cent of assets / shares / voting rights (or more)

The fee for provision of account statements by SWIFT shall be debited once a month, on the first working day of for each calendar for the statements provided by SWIFT per month.

Upon the private Customer's request once a month the Account statement shall be provided in the customer service point free of charge. The statement of the Customer's choice may be provided for not more than for the period of 30(thirty) calendar days prior to the day of request or for the previous calendar month.

The fee shall be calculated at the end of each calendar day if the amount  of all bank account balances of one legal entity exceeds the limit specified in the table. The fee for the last calendar month is debited by 10th day of the next calendar month in accordance with the  Payment Service Rules stipulated by Šiaulių Bankas. European Central Bank CB deposit facility rate  is available on

Annual deposit administration fee

The fee shall be applied on monthly basis to the time deposits the maturity of which exceeds the period of five years (1829 days). This fee is paid on the last working day of the month.
The annual administration fee of 4 % from the total deposit amount