Credits and leasing



Credits for private clients:


administration fee for the conclusion, extension  of the contract or increase of the amount  (one-off, calculated from the amount specified in the contract)

0.30 % from the credit amount (min. Eur 130)


other fee of amendment of agreement conditions

130 Eur


early repayment fee (shall apply to Mortgage and Real estate credits)

On the interest amendment day - free of charge
On other days not more than 3 % from the amount of repayable credit or its part.  The exact amount shall be determined in accordance with the Rules for calculation of the compensation for the repayment of credit related to real estate  the credit agreement expiry approved by the Bank of Lithuania.


early repayment fee (applicable to other credits issued to private customers)

1,5% of early repayment amount


commitment fee (calculated from unused credit amount)

0.30% of annual interest


Consumer credits1:


administration fee

1.0 % (min. Eur 30)


fee of amendment of agreement conditions

50 Eur


Credits for studies:


document analysis fee

14.48 Eur


administration fee (a single time fee calculated from the credit amount specified in the agreement)

0.5 % (min. Eur 28.96)


fee of amendment of agreement conditions

14.48 Eur


Preparation of credit-related documents (certificates, consents, permissions, confirmations)

15 Eur

A sample for calculation of an annual rate from a total consumer credit price:
If you take a credit of 3000 Eur for the period of 60 months with a fixed interest rate of 10.5 per cent, pay Eur 30 fee for conclusion of an agreement and do not take a debit card as you already have one, then the annual rate from the total consumer credit price will comprise 11.70 per cent, the total credit amount paid by the borrower will be Eur 3834.79 , and the amount of the first payment will amount to Eur 63.41. The credit is repaid under the linear approach, therefore each time the instalments will be smaller.


  • The exact size of a fee shall be defined by the Bank to each Customer individually after assessing the credit-related documents and/or the Customer's particular request.

Administration fee for leasing agreement conclusion
(a single time fee calculated from the price of assets specified in the agreement)

if object of a lease is a car, and:

amount of assets is up to Eur 30 000

from 0,7 % (min. Eur 115)

price of assets is between Eur 30 000 Eur and Eur 60 000

from 0.5 %

amount of  assets is from Eur 60 000

from 0.3 %

if object of a lease is other asset

from 0.7 % (min. Eur 115)

Administration fee for operating leasing agreement conclusion
(a single time fee calculated from the price of assets specified in the agreement) 

from 1.5 % (min. Eur 150)

The fee applicable to amendment of agreement conditions 

from 0.5 % (min. Eur 115)

The fee applicable to analysis of the Customer's other request and preparation of documents

from 0.5 % (min. Eur 15)

fee of early redemption

not applied

Assesment of the pledged assests


Real estate assessment:


evaluation of a flat

30-90 Eur


evaluation of household

60-120 Eur


evaluation of administrative, production buildings, outbuildings, their premises, and commercial objects

90-300 Eur


Evaluation of a plot of land

30-300 Eur


Assessment of movables

30-300 Eur