Cash operations in bank divisions

Cash deposited in the Bank's unit to own1,2 or other client's account  
in banknotes
0.1 % from deposited cash amount (min. 2.00 EUR)
in euro coins, if amount is 5.00 EUR and more
4.5 % from deposited cash amount (min. 2.00 EUR)
in banknotes of foreign currencies
0.3 % from deposited cash amount (min. 2.00 EUR)
banknotes in deposit currency to place/supplement a deposit when total deposited amount is used immediately
free of charge
Cash payout in the Bank's units3
cash payout from the account
0.8 % from cash payout amount (min. 2.00 EUR)
pay out of the deposit and interest  if the funds were deposited to the account in deposit currency  on the deposit agreement conclusion day in cash  and the deposit agreement has not been terminated prior to its maturity
free of charge in euros4
pay out of time deposit PLIUS and its interest
free of charge5
Ordering of Cash
In Šiaulių bankas the amounts exceeding EUR 14 000 or equivalent in USD should be ordered for withdrawal 2 (two) business days in advance, while equivalent amount exceeding EUR 14 000 in other currencies - 5 (five) business days in advance.
free of charge
Fee of cancellation of cash reservation or failure to take the credited funds
0.1 % from not taken amount (max. 290.00 EUR)
Changeover of cash to other denominations of the same currency (including the changeover to other banknotes or coins of the same denomination). 
(this fee can be applied together with the cash recalculation fee) (when there is no a sufficient amount at the Bank and it is ordered from the Bank of Lithuania or recalculation centre). 
5 % from deposited cash amount (min. 2.00 EUR)
Recalculation and verification of banknotes not executing any other transactions
EUR 0.10 per banknote
Cash deposit Commission fee shall not be applied if the Customer deposits cash euro to the account and immediately in the Bank's unit submits a payment order to transfer the deposited  amount into his other or other  customer's account with Šiaulių bankas or into another bank.

Or to the co-owners account to under-aged accounts when deposit is made by parents , care-takers, adoptive parents).

Cash is paid in Euro and foreign currency banknotes and in Euro coins . If part of the amount paid out to the Customer  cannot be paid in coins of the foreign currency or there is no a sufficient amount of foreign currency banknotes in the cash register, then this amount shall be converted into euros applying Basic currency exchange rate established by the Bank.

Also free of charge in case of deposits placed prior to 22 May 2017, when deposit maturity is 90 days and more and the deposit agreement has not been terminated prior to its maturity and funds to deposit account have  been placed in cash.

Also the withdrawal of part of the deposit without termination of the deposit agreement or deposit termination due to special circumstances, which are published on the Bank's website