Consumer credit calculator

Your permanent monthly income (after taxes):
Your spouse's permanent monthly income (after taxes):
Family's expenses to cover the current financial liabilities:
Adult members of the family:
Under-age children:
Credit period (in months):
Monthly instalment:

(evaluating the annual interest rate)

Maximum credit amount:

A sample for calculation of  an annual rate from a total consumer credit price:

If you take a credit of 3000 EUR  for the period of 60 months with a fixed interest rate of 10.5 per cent,  pay EUR 30   fee for conclusion of an agreement  and do not take a debit card as you already have one, then the annual rate from the total consumer credit price will comprise 11.70 per cent, the total credit amount paid by the borrower will be  EUR 3834.79 , and the amount of the first payment will amount to EUR 63.41. The credit is repaid under the linear approach, therefore each time the instalments will be smaller.