Vilkaviškio Customer service Point will be temporary closed due to reconstruction


Dear Clients,

Vilkaviškio Customer Service Point of Šiaulių Bankas ( on J. Basanavičiaus a. 3, Vilkaviškis) is being refurbished. Between 17 January and 1 February the unit will be closed due to reconstruction. Refurbishment of premises will be finished and and customer servicing will be resumed from 4 February. 

At the time of Vilkaviškis unit reconstruction You, upon necessity, are welcome to visit the nearest customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas:

  • on  Kęstučio g. 9, Marijampolė.

We apologise for the temporary inconvenience and look forward to meeting You in unit with freshly updated interior.

Šiaulių Bankas