Various campaigns to the clients of Šiaulių bankas in different towns of Lithuania


Taking into consideration the clients’ needs Šiaulių bankas is arranging various campaigns in different towns where the clients will be able to take advantage of favourable conditions and attractive service prices.

Until December 31st 2009 Šiaulių bankas will be arranging the following special campaigns in various towns of the country: will apply the reduced fees for utility services or executing simple payment orders in cash to other banks registered in Lithuania, will pay higher interest for the deposits. 

“The clients will find different, however, undoubtedly useful offers in each of the towns. One of them is the utility fees reduced up to 50%, which is actually very good method to save”, - says Director of Sales Department of Šiaulių bankas Vilma Žilinskienė.

You are welcome to look for the exclusive campaigns and special offers in the separate outlets of Šiaulių bankas all over Lithuania.