Using a bank account You may execute transactions in various currencies


Dear Clients,

We kindly remind that using a bank account with Šiaulių Bankas You may execute payment transactions (receive and transfer funds) in various currencies as the bank accounts are multi-currency. Therefore, no additional account in foreign currency is needed to execute these transactions. 

In this respect, from 1 July this year Šiaulių Bankas will no longer provide a service  when funds transferred in foreign currency  to the additional payment card accounts  are converted the basic bank account in its currency. Therefore,  since the specified date the customers' additional payment card account (-s)used only for conversion of funds in the described manner will be closed. Clients, wishing to leave such additional account, are kindly asked to notify Šiaulių Bankas prior 1 July via SB Linija,  in the customer service point or by tel. 1813  

We would like to draw your attention that the list of account currencies can always be supplements with foreign currency in which you want to receive or transfer funds via SB Linija or in the customer service points of Šiaulių bankas.

Telephone for enquiry 1813 (calling from abroad +370 37 301 337 ).